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Are you tired of receiving the same gifts, a pair of Y FRONTS from grandma every year for Christmas?

Or maybe you’re tired of three different relatives sending you slow-cookers.

Because “you’re always talking about how you want to cook more.”

Or maybe you just want to have a gifts carefree special occasion?

Whatever your reason, we’re here to give you the tools you need to create an easy and unique wishlist.

Your wish list is tailored by you, and requires no personal information.

All it takes is three simple steps!

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your wish list in the first place,

Not sure what gifts are appropriate for a wedding, baby shower, or housewarming party?

Whatever the occasion, we have a perspective on it.

Creating your wishlist is easy! Add items from any store.

Send your wish list to anyone. By email, chat or social media.

Family and friends can reserve their gifts on your wishlist. Useful!

Gifts for all occasions
birthday, Christmas, baby, wedding…

Creating an online wish list is a great idea for any occasion.

  • Guests will be happy to have suggestions.
  • You’ll receive the gifts you actually want.
  • No double gifts, because family & friends reserve their gifts.
  • Add anything from any store, or create a gift fund to collect contributions for big gifts.
  • Completely independent, add any product including a gift fund to collect contributions.
  • House Warming. Completely independent. Birthday.
  • Gift Funds. No sign-up required. Baby Shower. Wedding.
  • Free & Simple. View Blog. Download Mobile App.
  • Occasions: Baby Shower, Birthday, House Warming.

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