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uk beauty. We love our  skincare and makeup but what about body products?

Our skin is our LARGEST organ and any products we are using on our entire bodies .

Like body lotions and body wash have the potential to really impact our health.

Due to the surface area they cover (our skin absorbs 60-90% of what we put on it) so we REALLY want to avoid toxic nasties in body products!

Skin Care. Beauty products online.

Here are some of our favourite ways to ensure the skin on our bodies are really being taken care of.

You cannot be taken seriously as a beauty junkie if you’re not lurking on Makeup Addiction at least a few times a week.

It’s one of the most supportive, informative and innovative corners of the internet.

You go for the mascara recommendations and stay for the eyeshadow palette mock ups and DIY battle stations.

It’s probably the happiest place on earth, just saying.

Woman of colour, Beauty products online

Finding beauty products that work for me isn’t always the easiest thing.

While it’s gotten easier since my struggle high school days, the industry still has a ways to go .

If you’re into makeup that’s so natural that people will assume you , look no further.

Into the Gloss manages to be clever, edgy and community-focused all at once without sacrificing aesthetics.

One of my interviews, everyone from Milkbar founder Christina Tosi to Emma Watson  giving us  an inside look at their makeup bags.

And did I mention they did a red lipstick test with Big Macs?

I’ve been inundated with makeup lately and all of it is high quality, high performing and totally safe for your body and skin.

Most of it is even vegan and no company allows animal testing.  Do you know what this means?  The beauty industry is turning around

The beauty industry is turning around. Beauty products online.

First let me touch on exercise.  I’m pretty honest that I struggle with it.

I used to be religious about it.  From high school forward I always got 3x a week of 30 minute cardio.

It’s not much but it was enough.  It was enough to get blood flowing, manage my weight and not overwhelm me.

Somewhere along the way I got overly ambitious and overwhelmed myself to where I stopped exercising all together.

Now that I’m back and honestly I’m only doing 20 minutes 3x a week, the blood flow to my face is major.

Within a week, I could tell my skin looked so much better.

Second, I changed my skin care routine. shared it with you all because they are natural products that rely on your DNA

To determine the best formula which is totally worth sharing.

UK Beauty, awareness is rising about making the right decisions.

There is a strong tendency towards adopting healthier and greener habits in order to improve one’s overall health and wellness.

In fact, using natural and organic beauty products is becoming one of the most important components of healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore  searching for a good facial cleanser, it can be a challenge to select the right moisturizer for your skin.


One moisturizer may break you out while another is too greasy on your skin.

Many times this has to do with matching the right moisturizer to match your skin type.

To repair dry, damaged skin start with moisturizers that contain ceramides, humectants like glycerin.

If you have sensitive skin avoid parabens, fragrance and additives.

Your first instinct when you see a scary eczema patch spreading across your face is panic.

The other key thing about eczema:

It doesn’t just go away on its own no matter how good your regular skincare routine is.

If those patches on your face stay put, come back, or get even worse.

You’re likely dealing with some kind of eczema rather than simple dry skin.

Luckily for anyone with eczema, finding relief from an itchy red face can be as simple as finding eczema-friendly skincare products from boots the chemist.

You’ll also want to swap out your skincare routine for products that will hydrate you without making your problem worse.

Look instead for gentle, moisturizing ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, and shea butter. If all else fails, it’s time to head to the dermatologist.

“Schedule a consult with a board-certified dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis.”

If your dermatologist does end up saying that OTC products simply won’t cut it for your complexion concerns, they’ll be able to prescribe you a treatment (like a prescription-strength steroid cream) on the spot, navigating you one step closer to the redness- and irritation-free complexion of your dreams.

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