Water based ink Screen Printing Wholesale

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Water based Screen Printing ink.

Screen printing ink that is easy to use,

has a great colour range,

can be mixed easily and works well ,

on all lighter coloured fabric, paper and card.

WHOLE SALE 15 X 150 ml decanted  in clear pots with tamper proof lids.

Ready for your own brand label to sell.



Screen Printing Water based ink ,many Colours.

Screen Printing Water based ink  give  off the perception that they’re tricky to master,

but these inks can actually be a joy to use

and the results really speak for themselves.

Done right, your prints will be softer to the touch,

more detailed, more environmentally friendly and more durable than with Plastisol inks.

Remember these top five tips and you’ll practically be ensuring a perfect print with Screen Printing Water based ink .

Screen Printing Water based ink .

Water based inks have a lower viscosity .

Generally thinner than Plastisol inks.

so as a result  they soak effectively into your fabric of choice,

You will want to choose a finer mesh than you might otherwise.

Most screen printers use a mesh size of between 43T and 60T with water based inks.

If you choose to use an emulsion, take care to find one that is suited to water based inks .

Otherwise you run the risk of the emulsion breaking down. and ruining your print run.

With the right preparation, water based inks can produce amazing vivid Colour.

If you’re printing with bright or neon Colours on darker fabrics,

It’s worth remembering that water-based inks can be less opaque than plastisol inks.

You may either wish to apply an Underbase of white such as Opaque White .

Or alternatively you can choose an opaque range of water-based inks used for printing onto dark fabrics.

which DON”T require an Underbase.

You can print our Opaque inks straight onto black t-shirts.

And they deliver a brilliant print with just two stroke.

Flood the screen if you’re walking away.

The water content in water based inks make it relatively quick to dry,

Which can lead to clogs in the screen if left out in the open for too long.

You can avoid this happening with a quick ink flood of the screen .

While you’re setting up or setting up the next Colour.

It’s also worth remembering to keep ink tub lids securely fastened .

So your precious inks won’t dry up in between printing sessions.

 Remember to keep the ink hydrated

A simple spray bottle with water will be your best friend.

when printing with water based ink.

This can be used to keep the screen slightly damp before and in between prints.

If you do notice that the ink has started to dry on the screen,

Simply run a test print ON SCRAP PAPER to remove as much ink as possible,

wipe down both sides of the screen with a damp rag and wipe again with a dry rag.

Fix with heat.

The long-lasting finishes of water based inks requires a heat setting treatment,

So fire up that drying tunnel or heat press. 180 DEG C

If you’re printing at home, you can tumble dry.

use a hand iron, dry it in the sun for a few days. Cotton setting

When you’re wearing the  shirt every day and washing it.

Years later, you’ll be glad for this  process of curing

And for your choice to use water based inks for screen printing.

Ready to ship in 3-5 business day from United Kingdom (UK)

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