Sunlight stencil Kit A4 77t screen printing supplies uk

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This kit is complete, everything you need to explore and get started.
The  sunlight stencil sheets will make your imagination run WILD.!!

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Sunlight stencil Kit A4 77t  is a complete screen printing system.

Everything you need to explore and get started.

3 sheet of A4 77t sunlight stencil sheets  will make your imagination run wild.

The 77t will print designs of any colour, shape or size.

Print onto any colour fabric, wood, paper, card, ceramic, plastic, glass, and anything else you can think of.

Keys onto white or light coloured products.

Our 77t sunlight stencil sheet, more commonly known as a high definition sheet.

Photo quality 55 lines per sq. inch half tone.

No plotter or hand cut stencil can reproduce your design.

Be original, be unique, most inks will pass through this stencil sheet.

On white and pastel coloured substrates you will achieve unparalleld quality.

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UV Resistant Washout/storage booth.

Excellent for storing your unopened stencils.

Also for washing and clearing your images.

Water based hybrid standard inks 200ml x 4.

Red, Black, Yellow, and blue all inter mixable to create your own shades.

Which will print onto white and pastel coloured substrates.

Wooden mixing sticks x 4. The right size for the correct amount of ink.

Pack of film positives x 4. To create your film positive  you can draw on it, ink jet print on it, or laser tone print on it.

Wooden handle squeegee x 1. Fitted with 70 shore square blade suitable for most inks.

Set of opaque sunlight pens. This 4 pack of pens with different size nibs are all uv resistant.

These can be used to enhance or spot your film positive.

They can also be used to hand draw your design direct onto any clear film.

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Sunlight stencil Kit A4 77tuv exposure unit led, 12 x 12.

Finally our LED UV Eposure unit to burn images day or nightt. 50 watt with black lid and 1-60 min 3 pin analogue timer.

Firstly the most accurate exposure unit on the planet. safe and eco freindly.

Our Customers can choose from 3 sizes from our webstore. 12″x12″ for A5 and A4 sunlight stencils.

Flexibility of the 12 x 12 led exposure unit.

For pre stretched silk screen printing frames wooden or aluminium, whatever size.

Any image of 12 x 12 can be burnt onto the screen when customers remove the lid.

The print side of the frame would have to be covered with a sheet of black card, black neoprene, or black foam.

Which stops any light deflecting between the glass, the film positive and the mesh.

Customers can Achieve a clean, sharp and crisp image burn.

The big advantage for a unit of this size, is that you can expose and store 6 x A4 size different images on one large screen.

Which has internal dimensions of 24 x 36 without having to spend 1000s of pounds.

Sunlight stencil Kit A4 77t

Customers can buy this product in our webshop.

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