Screen printing Washout Booth stainless steel

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Stainless steel washout booth.
Fabricated from 304 stainless steel 100% rustproof against the harshest of chemicals.Its antisplash back design ensures the work area and floor space  around it stays dry. Welded water tight.
The stainless steel washout booth will last and out perform any other in its class.

This Screen printing wash out unit is an essential tool for washing and clearing large silkscreen stencil images, also  for reclaiming screens to be re coated with light sensitive  emulsion ready  for the next design.


Screen printing washout booth

Screen printing washout booth Fabricated from 304 stainless steel 100% rustproof against the harshest of chemicals.

Its antisplash back design ensures the work area and floor space  around it stays dry. Welded water tight.
The stainless steel washout booth will last and out perform any other in its class.

Screen printing washout booth Hight from the floor to the top 1.75mt
Depth 0.6mt.
Width 1.35 mt
washout area 1.1mt x1.3x 0.6mt.
front basin splash back 30mm deep.

Screen printing washout booth , cheapest and best.

suppliers who dont print their prices are out to pull your trousers down.

Screen printing washout booth a must for  DEGREASING THE SCREEN

Screen printing washout booth always is required to degrease the new meshed screen.It is always highly recommended.
The primary reason for this is to eliminate oils and other contaminates from the mesh
prior to coating. Even new mesh on a screen will have small amounts of dirt, dust and
oils from handling before you received it. Failure to degrease properly will trap dirt,
dust and oils that may cause streaking during coating and numerous other problems,
including “fish-eyes” which are a result of oils (such as from fingers during handling)
which will repel liquid emulsion leaving small open areas. These spots will invariably be
in an area of the screen that is difficult or impossible to touch up or fix later. It’s always
easier to prevent a problem than fix it. To properly degrease silkscreen mesh:

1) Wet both sides of screen mesh thoroughly with water.

2) Apply degreaser. It is possible to use a dishwashing detergent (like Dawn®) but a
degreaser designed for degreasing silkscreens is best because it will not contain
dyes, perfumes and other things you don’t need (those things can leave residue).
3) Using a scrub brush, (the long bristle kind with a handle is recommended, but
almost any kind will do) methodically scrub the ENTIRE surface area of the mesh,
starting with the inside, or squeegee side, first. A good technique is to start at
the upper left-hand corner, using small, counter-clockwise circular motions and
moving left to right in descending rows towards the lower right-hand corner. Then
do the exact opposite, that is, small, clockwise circles working from the lower right
to upper left corner. Next scrub the mesh horizontally left to right working in rows
from top to bottom; then vertically scrub up and down working in columns from the
left side of the screen to the right. Then scrub the whole screen at approximately a
45 degree angle, switch (90 degrees) and scrub in the opposite direction.

Next go

around the inside (squeegee side) of the frame, one stroke around all four sides
going counter-clockwise, then the same going clockwise. After that, use the exact
same process on the outside (print side) of the screen. Note that the idea here
is to THOROUGHLY clean the mesh and prevent problems. So, although this is
a good technique, it’s fine to use a technique of your own. But you do want to be
methodical about it and degrease every bit of the mesh.
4) After you’ve lathered both sides of the mesh, flip the screen back over and
thoroughly rinse the squeegee side first and then flip and rinse the print side. Rinse
with low water pressure until there are no more “soap” bubbles.
5) Place the screen in a horizontal position to dry (either side up is ok). The screen
should be suspended so that it is supported by the frame and air is allowed to flow
freely over both sides of the mesh. Make sure the mesh is completely dry before

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