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Screen printing tutorial . Best Tutorial

Screen Printing Supplies uk

 Screen printing supplies is the key to our present and future success is the continuing research and implementation of new product lines within the realm of our industry.
This reflects our commitment to serve every screen-printer.

Teaching silk screen printing can sometimes be very differcult.
Especially when our customers are really trying hard to learn

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                          Screen printing supplies Best Tutorial

Screen printing tutorial is the key to our present and future success is the continuing research and implementation of new product lines within the realm of our industry.
This reflects our commitment to serve every screen-printer.

Creating a partnership with our customers, to enhance a positive experience thru quality service.
 As partners, we shall provide sufficient resources to generate industry effective and cost-efficient solutions to customers of all shapes and sizes.

We provide an effective technical assistance that develops confidence and capability to anticipate.
Plan and act in response to the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

Screen printing tutorial

Practical design tips,Screen printing tutorial , improving skills, networking, sparking innovation and learning from others who are willing to share their knowledge.

This year’s theme, “Discover Your Craft”.

Take a hands-on approach in fulfilling Screen printing supplies mission in helping creatives work, play, collaborate, explore, get inspired, and simply learn.

For creatives, focused on the exploration of all aspects of traditional art, design and practical.

This interdisciplinary screen printing process .

Bringing together a diverse community of talent who work on projects rooted in the emergent creative industries.

We invite you to Discover Your Craft this year.

Our mission is simple

To provide the best Screen printing tutorial, products at competitive prices with personalized attention to each customer.
Maintaining a well-trained, professional and caring staff. We appreciate your Business
Screen Printing Supplies is a uk owned and operated company. We have been supplying the screen printing industry both locally and abroad for over 25years.
With friendly experienced staff and quality products sourced from around the globe there is no reason to shop anywhere else.
We understand that our customers demand high quality products at reasonable prices, with world leading brand names such as, Kiwo, Ulano, Chromaline, Union, Sefar and more, as well as top quality locally produced products from the uk  Specialty Inks, Ink Solutions, HYBRID, ART2SILKSCREEN , SERICOL and various chemical companies.
We have the right products,Screen printing tutorial, price and advice to help your business thrive.

Here are some top tips when it comes to parts and servicing/maintenance of you Screen Printing equipment.

  • KEEP YOUR MANUAL! A lot of people discard it or lose it.
  • However, it’s a very important document to keep.
  • When ordering a part we will need to know the serial number of the machine and the part number of the part you require.
  • This makes the process a lot quicker and easier.
  • Photos and Videos also help. This information can be found in the owner’s manual.
  • In your manual you’ll also have a maintenance schedule.
  • This schedule tells you what needs doing and when, every 6/12/24/36 months.
  • If you follow the advice given, you will reduce the chance of any downtime.
  • Keep a record of equipment services and maintenance.
  • We do advise that you get staff to note and sign when any maintenance is carried out.
  • Don’t over use your emergency stop.

  • A lot of people use this as a way to stop the machine.
  • Overuse may cause it to fail, so please use it for emergencies only.
  • As always, keep your machine well lubricated.
  • Top up with correct grease and oil regularly to prevent down time, and get a yearly service!
  • Consider service and support contracts.
  • We have the ability to tailor service contracts .
  • Services costs will depend on the amount of machines being serviced and the type of machine it is.
  • It may be worth considering keeping a small inventory of parts.
  • This saves elongated down-time, after all downtime costs you money
  • Put by time in your working week to keep the press clean.
  • Free of glue, lint, fluff and any other bit flying around the print shop.
  • The cleaner and more looked after the press is, the longer it will last.
  • We still have presses running 25 years+.
  • Don’t forget your compressor, you must always service your compressor too .
  • It’s imperative that you use a chiller to remove water that could ruin your new press and void the warranty.
  • If you’re ever unsure of anything, please ask we are here to help and keep you printing.

screen printing supplies

Screen Printing on textiles is, in essence, a simple process – it requires pushing ink through a mesh onto a t-shirt.

There are many factors that need to be controlled in the production environment to ensure that the image is durable.

Fixed on the garment . One of these factors, and possibly the most important is curing.

Print Curing is the process of heating the ink to the correct temperature over the correct time specific to the type of ink you are using.

Curing should not to be confused with “drying”, and the fact that the ink has been dried.

Does not necessarily mean that the ink is properly cured.

The most common mistake people make is using a flash dryer to dry off prints and assume that after this process the print is cured sufficiently.

This may or may not be the case.

Flash dryers are not specifically intended to be used as curing units. Screen printing supplies.

They are designed to dry ink on the press in order to either build up opaque colours.

Dry off colours to avoid smudging on multi-colour prints.

If you must use a flash dryer to cure prints on a garment,you must ensure you reach the required temperature.

This can be checked using a heat temperature gun.Screen printing supplies.

The most efficient method of curing garments in a production environment is to use a conveyor dryer.

These are available in different specifications and each oven will suit varying production speeds.

Printing on a high production automatic press will require a different oven to a facility that is printing smaller runs on a manual machine.

Screen printing tutorial

Generally the magic number when it comes to curing tee shirts, is 160°C.

However this needs to be checked on the specific oven and one needs to check that this temperature is reached on the ink film, on the garment.

Plastisol inks just need to get to the 160° and they will cure.

However waterbased inks require being heated to that temperature consistently for 1-2 minutes in order to achieve full curing.

On ovens with shorter heating chambers Screen printing supplies.

It may be necessary to pass the garments with waterbased inks on them, through the oven a few times in order to ensure that the ink is adequately cured.

May be advisable to be very clear on the temperatures that your oven achieves and the parameters that the inks you are using require to reach a full cure.

Discharge Inks are a bit more temperamental and will not discharge effectively if the correct temperature is not reached and sufficient time after full discharge is not given to the print.

This usually requires raising the temperature by 10°-15° and extending the time the print has in the oven.

Inks can also be cured on a heat press.

Using a heat press can be a better option to cure on than a flash dryer.

Reaching the parameters needed to cure both waterbased inks and plastisols can be set and achieved consistently.

Not recommended in high production facilities due to the time required to cure each garment one by one, but there are many people who cure their prints using heat presses.

Screen printing supplies cold cure additive” for waterbased inks. Customers can buy this product in our webshop.

This is a product that one can add to the ink that will catalyse the ink without needing to heat it to 160°C.

The ink will fully cure over time without heat.

It is a great product for the hobbyist or the person starting out with a small set-up.

One can also add it to waterbased inks to give you  peace of mind .if you are unsure about the effectiveness of your dryer.

It is always recommended to wash test inks to ensure their durability .

Keep a check on how the oven is curing on a daily basis

Certainly if one is changing inks or trying new products, one should wash test garments.

I would always advise keeping wash samples of production runs for peace of mind.

How to sensitise our 2 part emulsions; ONE COAT EMULSION AND HYBRID.

  • Add water to diazo-sensitizer and shake well. Start with a small amount of water, shake, then fill to the shoulder of the bottle, and shake again.
  • Next, pour mixed sensitizer into the Screen Sol emulsion and stir well until same colour.
  • Let it settle for up to 2 hours to eliminate air bubbles.
  • Once mixed the product will last up to 8 weeks.
  • Please store in a cool place and a dark cupboard or room.
  • Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Easy 3 step formula to calculate what it costs per print

Looking to calculate what the ink costs you per print?

Screen printing tutorial Follow these three simple steps.

1.Get the weight of a full gallon of ink in grams.

Divide the cost of the gallon by the grams, providing you with ink cost per gram.

2.Next, weigh the garment before printing and straight after printing (before curing).

Subtract the non-printed weight from the printed garment weight giving you the grammage of ink used.

3.Finally, multiply the grams of ink used per garment by the cost of ink per gram which will total the ink cost per print.

You will see that the ink costs are low compared to other costs incurred in the screen printing process.

The overall largest cost for screen printers is labour.
Do everything in your power to streamline production, and your overall costs will go down.
Using a book can be a better option to learn from than a flash teacher.
Also furthermore keep that book safe. Screen printing tutorial.
Furthermore  you can adertise your website here and sell online for free.



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