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55T100% Monofilament polyester screen printing mesh.
High tension and low elongation, with excellent tear resistance and dimensional stability


£5.00                      15T                      WHITE

£5.50                      24T                      WHITE

£6.00                      32T                      WHITE

£6.50                      43T                      WHITE

£7.00                      55T                      WHITE

£8.00                      62T                      WHITE

£9.00                    77T                        YELLOW

£9.50                    90T                        YELLOW

£10.00                110T                         YELLOW

£11.00                 120T                        YELLOW

£12.00                140T                        YELLOW



Screen Printing Mesh

Different Screen Printing Mesh are used for different applications in the screen printing process.

Mesh size is measured by how many threads of mesh there are crossing per square inch.

For instance, a 43 mesh screen has 43 threads crossing per square cm.

The higher the mesh count, the finer the threads and holes are in the screen.

The size of the mesh has a lot to do with how detailed your image is and how thick the ink you are using is.

If you have an image with extremely high detail, a lower mesh screen wont hold the high detail.

The fine lines or dots in the image will simply fall through the holes in the mesh

not giving you a correct representation of what your image should be.

Also if you are using a thinner ink, the ink will also flood through the larger holes

and soak onto your shirt or substrate making your image blurry as the ink bleeds.

On the other hand, if you are trying to print a thicker ink (such as white)

through to high of a mesh screen, barely any ink will print through the mesh.

You will notice that different companies have different sizes available.

Screen Printing Mesh

If the mesh count is fairly close, such as the difference between 55T vs. 56T, 77T vs. 80

or 81 vs. 86, the difference is so negligible and small that it will not matter in your final results.

Since there are many variables involved in silk screen printing we cant tell you exactly what mesh sizes are used for what applications.

However we can give you a general outline of what sizes to use for certain types of printing.
Your basic and most standard Screen Printing Mesh sizes are 43 and 55.
43t Screen Printing Mesh lays a fairly thick layer of ink down.

Its great for block text letters and larger spot color designs.


Its also a recommended mesh for white flash plates


Because many times you will only have to make one print impression which speeds up production time.

56 mesh also lays down a little thicker layer of screen printing ink

But offers you some higher detail ability in your image due to the finer mesh.

Also if you are printing with a little thinner viscosity colors of inks.
Choosing the right screen printing mesh.
Knowing Which Mesh Count to Use
Experience will help you determine which mesh counts you prefer to use on individual projects,
Guidelines that will help you get started with using different mesh counts.
25 to 40 mesh count screens are ideal for glitter or shimmer inks, as these inks contain particles that can’t pass through finer mesh.
60 mesh count allows for a heavy ink deposit. It’s often used for block numbers and letters on athletic jerseys
80 to 86 mesh count is often used when making heat transfers, printing heavy underbases and when using some specialty inks, such as puff ink.
110 to 160 mesh count screens are the most versatile and the most commonly used in screen printing.

Screen Printing Mesh

Screens on the lower end of the mesh count spectrum put down heavier ink deposits
Are ideal for printing underbases or printing bold colors on dark fabrics.
At the higher end of the mesh count spectrum, you can print a more detailed image while maintaining a fair ink deposit.
60T to 75T mesh counts are perfect for printing somewhat detailed images in light inks on dark fabrics.
90T to 120T mesh count screens will deliver detailed prints with a softer hand feel;
however, because they allow for lighter ink deposits, prints created with these fine screens won’t be as bright or vivid.
All the below specifications available in stock:

Additional information

thread count

15T, 24T, 32T, 43T, 55T, 62, 77T, 90T, 110T, 120T, 140T


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