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Diesel Pumps with 12 month warranty.

Ford Transit 2.4 TDE 2000-2006 Reconditioned Bosch Diesel Fuel Pump.

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Production Date:



2.4 TDE

Engine Code:



Reconditioned With Cashback Offer




FT 280 L
FT 330 K/S
FT 330 L
FT 330 M
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FT 350 L
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FT 430 EL
FT 430 M


               Reconditioned Diesel Pumps with a 1 year warranty.

First and for most ,Our Diesel Pumps Reconditioned to original specification.

Reconditioned Diesel Pumps has been established in the diesel fuel injection trade for 40 years.

A family run business,  serving the trade and the public for all their diesel fuel injection needs.

Working from our premises in East London.

Which has a fully equipped workshop.

Repair, reconditioning and replacement of all diesel fuel injection components can be carried out.

With up to date computer diagnostic equipment.

Extensive range of exchange pumps in stock for quick sale or can repair your unit in a fast time scale to suit you.

We have invested in test benches and tooling to provide you with the best job possible.


Production Date:



2.4 TDE

Engine Code:


Condition: Reconditioned With Cashback Offer

Manufacturer: Bosch

Re-Manufacturer: Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

Ford Transit 2.4 TDE 2000-2006 Reconditioned Bosch Diesel Fuel Pump

Diesel injection pumps are very complex components that require a high technical knowledge and knowhow to check, test or repair correctly.

Our Master Technicians are trained to recondition all makes of fuel injection .

Last, but not least, our customers can buy our remanufactured diesel pumps. in our webstore day or night. Our costomers can also sell for free with bid all hours.

Our customers can buy our products in our webstore day or night.

Because our customers, after all love our products .

Remanufactured diesel pumps are available off the shelf in some models.

Finally, our customers can buy our products in our webstore day or night.

Further more you can sell for free with bid all hours.

Diesel Injectors London & South East .

First of all we are Diesel Injectors UK a business operating in London, in the South east of England.

We have over 45 years experience with diesel engines and diesel components.

Diesel Injectors UK. BEST Remanufactured Quality. 

Our customers can purchase wide range of diesel parts from our webstore.

This is diesel equipment which we now call early diesel.

It generally has little or no electronic control and has been replaced in passenger cars by the common rail system.

Bosch and Lucas injectors

Also Bosch and Lucas type rotary injectors Diesel is injected into highly compressed, hot air

Hence Diesel engines of any type work because diesel fuel is injected into a cylinder of highly compressed air.

Because the air is compressed it is very hot.

As a resultFuel ignites forcing the piston down into the cylinder and turning the crankshaft.

Diesel fuel has to be atomised, turned to mist or microscopic droplets.

Consequently the injectors are designed to make this happen.

Diesel Injectors UK. Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

A rotary diesel engine typically has a distribution pump and injectors.

The pump is timed to the engine so it sends fuel under pressure to each injector at the correct time in the engine’s combustion sequence.

Now most engines are turbocharged.

The use of smaller engines for emission reasons means a turbo or turbocharger is fitted to most petrol and diesel vehicles

Typically a rotary diesel pump has a solenoid which allows the driver to cut off the supply of fuel and stop the engine.

Hence without this the engine will continue to run as long as it has a supply of fuel!

Although Rotary diesel can be divided into ”direct’ and ‘indirect’ injection.
Direct injection engines are designed for the fuel to be injected directly into the cylinder, typically into a bowl recess in the crown of the piston.
With indirect injection the fuel ignites in a separate combustion chamber recessed into the cylinder head.

The rate of combustion is slowed down and the engine is generally quieter and less stressed than direct injection.

When starting, indirect engines generally require glowplugs to warm the fuel until the engine is running and getting warm.

Later Ford Transit 8 valve diesel engines (up to c.1999) are of the direct injection type and have a characteristically noisy diesel sound.

Diesel injectors. Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

Where do you start to look for the right Diesel injectors. ? The answere is easy ! Diesel pumps injectors, are one of the largest suppliers and dealers of diesel fuel injections and diesel fuel pump. It is essential that you choose the right injector or pump when replacing your faulty parts.

With over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. Not only can we, service and repair the best standard products available to the market, but provide an outstanding level of professional service to all our customers.
A large investment on machinery and equipment has put us at the forefront of diesel fuel injection reconditioning services in the UK .
All our staff are trained on state of the art test equipment, utilising the latest OE test data, processes and procedures.
Reconditioned injector and fuel pump range cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles.
Heavy duty applications including plant machinery.
All reconditioned using OE parts and tested to OE specifications.

Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Injectors & Pump 

Injection valves serve to supply fuel into the combustion chamber.

They are situated in front of the intake pipe.

Nowadays in diesel engines a Common-Rail injection system is used.

In old car models with diesel engines injection is regulated by hydraulic systems.

In the internal-combustion engines are used electromagnetic valves with electric control.

Precise injection resolves all the problems if we speak about an optimal use of engine power.

If the injection valves malfunction, this affects combustion

Diesel injectors. Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

Most cases the problem is that the fuel is irregularly sprayed. In the engine appears knocking and in this case it burns more unsprayed fuel.

Other problems arise if the injection jet is installed incorrectly.

If the injection valves are directed at the cylinder wall, oil firm burns out and so-called “rusty stains” appear.

Moreover, this can cause overheating that leads to piston burning-out.

If there are problems with combustion, the driver hears strange noises in the engine.

This is the reason to check the engine and fuel injection valves particularly.

In old cars it is possible to check them without any assistance.

Modern cars have a lot of electronics and it will be quite difficult do service them.

Diesel injectors, recondition stock a comprehensive range of diesel injectors.


The most frequent malfunction of Fuel Injectorss is clogging.

During operation, the components are exposed to high temperatures.

Which results in carbonizing the holes of the nozzles with the resins contained in the fuel.

This may also be caused by poor tightness of the locking cones.

Carbon deposition 5 µm thick results in reducing the flow rate of the nozzle by 25%.

When poor quality gasoline containing fine solid particles is used, the fine mesh filter intended for cleaning fuel gets clogged.

Furthermore the size of the metering orifice and the shape of the injected fuel spray change.

Premature wear of injectors and jamming of the needles in the guides may be caused by poor quality of the components.

Needles also get jammed due to insufficient cleaning of the fuel, or due to incorrect installation of the components.

Mechanical damage of the injectors is caused by uncareful repair or by incompetence of the specialist.


Repair is intended for removing dirt from the component.

Also all component should be cleaned after every 40 thousand kilometers of mileage.

Fuel additives help avoiding fouling.

To prevent fouling, add them to the fuel after every three thousand kilometers of mileage.

If injector fouling could not have been prevented, clean it using a special solvent.

To do so, disconnect the pump and the drainpipe, and connect the fuel line of the injection system with a test bench equipped with a tank filled with solvent.

Let the engine run at idle during the first minutes, then gradually increase RPM.

The entire procedure should take about one hour.

If the component is fouled too much (hard depositions are found), it should be dismantled.

Ultrasonic cleaning is very effective. In this case, the component is to be immersed into a washing solution.


If the injectors are cleaned on a regular basis, their service life may reach 200,000 kilometers of mileage.

To replace the component, first relieve pressure in the fuel rail.

Then remove the connecting pipe going from the air filter,

The IAC (idle air control) valve wiring harness, injectors wiring harnesses, and the throttle position sensor wiring harness.

Next, disconnect the hose from the fuel pressure regulator, and unscrew the pipes that supply fuel to the fuel rail.

After that, unscrew the bolts that hold the rail in place, and remove it.

Disconnect brackets of the injector and extract it; replace a faulty component.

To install a new component, assemble the unit in the reverse order.

How to find the right Diesel injectors. or pump for my vehicle

It is essential that you choose the right injector or pump when replacing your faulty parts.

Not only might it physically not fit – but if you start the engine with the wrong part installed.

You could cause catastrophic and irreversible damage to the engine.

Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

Units that have been remanufactured by the original supplier and units that have been remanufactured in house by us .
Bosch invented for life.

Allthough at some point, due to fuel contamination.

Diesel injectors will have  to be replaced.

Also this can be a very expensive exercise and can often result in the need to change the fuel pump, common rail and fuel lines.

Previously all of these items had to be replaced with new components resulting in expensive repair bills.

Also there is a more viable and affordable repair option and in response to the rapid growth of diesel powered vehicles.

Diesel Injectors SE. offer customers remanufactured Diesel injectors..

These Diesel injectors. are sold exclusively though our webstore.

Whether you drive a truck, bus or a van.

Running on a diesel engine, issues like clogged fuel injectors.

For the reason that will cause damage to the engine and have a serious effect on the overall performance.

Reconditioned Diesel Pumps Based in East London.

Hence our experienced technicians use the latest advanced diagnostic equipment to carry out a series of tests on fuel injector systems.

Because from fault finding and repairs to full rebuilds and testing, you can rely on our team of technicians to get it done.

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Furthermore Diesel pumps injectors. Customers can also sell online for free on bid all hours. in our webshop.

Thank you for visiting

Diesel Injectors SE.

Find Your Replacement Diesel Parts

Simply select from the vehicles below to find your replacement Diesel parts.


Finally Diesel  injectors. Customers can buy this product in our webshop at anytime day or night.


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Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

Picture the scene, you’re driving along when a red engine warning light appears,

there is a dull thud from under the bonnet, and the engine definitely doesn’t sound right.

All power vanishes as you roll to a stop as safely as you can and the vehicle is hard to get moving again.

Maybe this has happened to you, or has happened to your customers.

But this is the moment when a fuel injector died on my vehicle and it definitely didn’t go quietly into the night.

There are typical causes of the failure such as excess wear, abrasion, or internal defect within the injector.

There are also symptoms the vehicle presents which are warning signs.

what’s going on under the gasket and these are things you can help your customers can look out for.

Rough Running. replace with a  Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

This is a harder sign to look out for.

Because it increases very gradually over time.

Consequently  can be very hard for the driver to tell the difference between how it used to run and now.

But what can be summarised as ‘rough running’ exactly?

Oure customer can look out for a deeper, gravely engine sound, engine chugging.

While the whole vehicle might have a slight shake or vibration.

One of the best windows of opportunity for the driver to assess how the vehicle behaves is on a cold start.

If the engine is hard to start it can be a sign that the fuel delivery is wrong or the timing is poor.

Unstable RPM can also be a sign of an engine struggling on with incorrect fuel supply.

A significant drop in fuel efficiency can often go hand in hand with rough running

As a result, the high pressure delivery is beginning to fail and can be an easier signal for your customer to monitor.

Reconditioned Diesel Pumps & injectors

The number one most common injector issue is contamination.

Gone are the days of old when you could run sludge through an injector and it would seem to just keep on working.

The new common rail systems used for the last ten years or so.

In the Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, and Ford Powerstroke engines have a very low tolerance to any sort of foreign material in the fuel.

Whether it is water, rust, or some sort of dirt, this material passing through the injector wrecks them.

After a while the injectors do not have the tight tolerances needed to operate properly.

These systems operate in a range up to 27,000 psi.

There isn’t much room for margins, things need to be exact for best performance.

Diesel Injectors SE. Reconditioned Diesel Pumps

This contamination can not only lead to poor performing injectors, but can lead to broken injector nozzles like the one pictured here.

So what happens when someone has an injector failure like this?

They most often replace just the one bad injector.

Sometimes they replace the whole set.

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