Fantasy Adventure Best book Epic read

Fantasy Adventure Best book

The first rays of sun An adventure of mind and spirit

Fantasy Adventure Best book 2019.

Once upon a time in a place formerly known as France, the future looks bleak for Earth’s survivors.

Following numerous disasters, there are no longer any borders or countries on the planet, only tribes trying to stay alive.

Populated by hunters and warriors, Earth has become a fearful place for its inhabitants.

Things are about to change when a brother and sister warrior team meet up with a wise man who wants to develop a new society.

In this first book of a trilogy, a desperate future is bought to life, but what will this new world look like? The First Rays of Sun are about to  shine.

Fantasy Adventure Best book

THE FIRST RAYS OF SUN (ISBN: 978-1-68181-615-9) is available at $17.95, (16.53 Euros),

it can be purchased via the publisher’s website, online & retail outlets, & in Ebook form:

Fantasy Adventure Best book

The other day I came across this Wikipedia article listing best-selling books,

and as I scrolled through the list (which is based on estimated number of copies sold)

it struck me that many of the titles listed – including the top 4 – are fantasy novels.

And I’m not just talking about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings…

 these two series undoubtedly dominate the top of the lists, but there are other fantasy books in the mix too.

So this got me to thinking,

what are the most popular fantasy books and series of all time, in terms of book sales?

I thought I’d use the list to answer this question,

compiling those fantasies that are estimated to have sold 50 million copies or more:

Fantasy Adventure Best book

I have chosen to exclude children’s picture books.

Although classics like Where the Wild Things Are could be in some ways seen as works of fantasy,

I think most people don’t have this in mind when they talk about ‘fantasy books’ or ‘fantasy novels’ due to their length and format.

 They also appear to sell a lot of copies, so would fill up the list if I were to include them!

If you like fantasy books, ie, The First Rays of Sun  you’ve probably seen stickers or announcements.

highlighting the fact that a particular book has won a Hugo, a World Fantasy Award

or another prestigious fantasy and science fiction prize.

If you’re a big fan of the genre, you might even follow these awards more closely and vote in them.

Fantasy Literature

I don’t usually vote. either because I’m not a member of whichever group organises them.

Or because I haven’t read all the shortlisted works.

and feel bad voting for one if I can’t fairly compare it to the others.

But I do check out winners when I see them announced online.

While an award doesn’t always mean I’ll like the book,

It’s usually a good sign and it gets me interested,

And I’ve loved several books I learned about through book prizes.

I’m keen to start doing yearly round-ups of award-winning fantasy novels .

As a reminder of which book has been recognised .The First Rays of Sun

 Fantasy and Superhero

If you aren’t much of a superhero movie fan (or even if you are),

the upcoming slate of movies Marvel alone is trying to push out may seem rather exhausting.

10 more films in the next three years with plans through 2027?

It’s no wonder you have people like Spielberg

predicting superhero films will go the way of the Western and burn out in the near future.

Yet, despite all the films churned out by Marvel and DC,

moviegoers keep purchasing tickets without any signs of stopping.

Superhero stories are a (relatively) narrow genre

and yet many viewers (such as myself) regularly see two to four superhero films a year,

Despite the criticisms Marvel’s received for weak villains and paint-by-number three-act stories.

How has Marvel been able to keep selling tickets without running into genre fatigue?

There are multiple reasons, but there’s one I’d like to focus on:

Marvel keeps the genre feeling fresh by mixing it with other genres.

This is a skill that not only budding novelists John Brooks can be taking advantage of.

But a skill some of the best fantasy authors today are using to craft unique and brilliant stories.The First Rays of Sun

Popular  Fantasy Novels

After the boom of the 60s and 70s.

The fantasy genre continued to enjoy mainstream popularity,

with many  authors branching into new sub-genres and styles.

Fantasy tropes were so established that works of comic fantasy,

which poked fun at them and were humorous in tone,

became increasingly popular.

Urban fantasy as we now know it The First Rays of Sun also had its early roots in this decade.

The fantasy boom of the late 60s came to full fruition in the 70s,

drawing older works back into the light as well as bringing many new ones.

The decade also saw the publication of important works in particular sub-genres,

such as vampire fiction, fairy tale retellings, time travel fiction and more.

Thoughts on Fantasy .

Celebrate fantasy fiction in all its forms:Fantasy Adventure Best book

epic, dark, romantic, paranormal, young adult or otherwise.

I post weekly articles about the genre

and its curiosities, conventions and magical worlds.


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