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How Diesel injector services , Truck Mechanics Learn the Trade

First of all,  Diesel injector services. Are working through out  the U K  today,

Furthermore Diesel injector services.

Employer’s Preference. Diesel injector services

Like every other vehicle on the road, screen stencils trucks and buses are becoming more sophisticated machines and the technology changes frequently.

Anather  point of providing equipment in order to ensure that the students are seeing the latest developments in diesel truck technology.

Therefore is an additional option that confers the status of master truck and diesel technician.

These training programs delve into other mechanical components of a diesel truck, beyond just the engine.


Professionals in this trade are also going to need a commercial driver’s license in order to test drive the vehicles under repair.

There is also an opportunity for certification as a diesel technician; the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is the recognized industry credential.

There are several credential options available

Diesel service technicians may be certified as master medium/heavy truck technicians,

as master school bus technicians, or as master truck equipment technicians.

Truck technicians also have the option of certification in specific areas of truck repair,

Such as drive trains, brakes, suspension and steering, electrical and electronic systems, or preventive maintenance and inspection.

In each case, ASE has a separate exam. Two year’s experience in the field is required, and the credential must be renewed every five years

Diesel Services Online London & South East .

First of all we are Diesel Services Online is a business operating in London, in the South east of England.

We have over 45 years experience with diesel engines and diesel components.

Diesel Services Online BEST Remanufactured Quality. 

Our customers can purchase wide range of diesel parts from our webstore.

This is diesel equipment which we now call early diesel.

It generally has little or no electronic control.

Of which has been replaced in passenger cars, by the common rail system.

Bosch and Lucas injectors

Also Bosch and Lucas type rotary injectors Diesel is injected into highly compressed, hot air

Hence Diesel engines of any type work because diesel fuel is injected into a cylinder of highly compressed air.

Because the air is compressed it is very hot.

As a result Fuel ignites forcing the piston down into the cylinder and turning the crankshaft.

Diesel fuel has to be atomised, turned to mist or microscopic droplets.

Consequently the injectors are designed to make this happen.

Diesel injector services

The answer is easy !

Diesel Services are one of the largest suppliers and dealers of diesel fuel injections and diesel fuel pump.

It is essential that you choose the right injector or pump when replacing your faulty parts.

With over 45 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Not only can we, service and repair the best standard products available to the market,

but provide an outstanding level of professional service to all our customers.

A large investment on machinery and equipment has put us at the forefront of diesel fuel injection reconditioning Diesel Services in the UK .

All our staff are trained on state of the art test equipment, utilising the latest OE test data, processes and procedures.

Reconditioned injector and fuel pump range cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles.

Heavy duty applications including plant machinery.

All reconditioned using OE parts and tested to OE specifications.

Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Injectors & Pump 

Injection valves serve to supply fuel into the combustion chamber.

They are situated in front of the intake pipe.

Nowadays in diesel engines a Common-Rail injection system is used.

In old car models with diesel engines injection is regulated by hydraulic systems.

In the internal-combustion engines are used electromagnetic valves with electric control.

Precise injection resolves all the problems if we speak about an optimal use of engine power.

If the injection valves malfunction, this affects combustion

Diesel injector services

Most cases the problem is that the fuel is irregularly sprayed.

Furthermore the engine appears knocking and in this case it burns more unsprayed fuel.

Other problems arise if the injection jet is installed incorrectly.

If the injection valves are directed at the cylinder wall, oil firm burns out and so-called “rusty stains” appear.

Moreover, this can cause overheating that leads to piston burning-out.

Ss a result there are problems with combustion, the driver hears strange noises in the engine.

This is the reason to check the engine and fuel injection valves particularly.

In old cars it is possible to check them without any assistance.

Modern cars have a lot of electronics and it will be quite difficult do service them.

Diesel injector services

Repair is intended for removing dirt from the component.

Also all component should be cleaned after every 40 thousand kilometers of mileage.

Fuel additives help avoiding fouling. To prevent fouling, add them to the fuel after every three thousand kilometers of mileage.

If injector fouling could not have been prevented, clean it using a special solvent.

To do so, disconnect the pump and the drainpipe, and connect the fuel line of the injection system with a test bench equipped with a tank filled with solvent.

Let the engine run at idle during the first minutes, then gradually increase RPM.

The entire procedure should take about one hour.

If the component is fouled too much (hard depositions are found), it should be dismantled.

Ultrasonic cleaning is very effective. In this case, the component is to be immersed into a washing solution.

Diesel injector services

At idle, the high-pressure oil is around 600 psi.

When the engine is at WOT, the high-pressure oil can reach 3,000 psi.

So, as the piston and plunger move downward inside the injector, fuel in the bottom chamber of the injector is being squeezed.

The intensifier piston is seven times greater than the surface area of the plunger.

This means that the injection force will be seven times greater than the high-pressure oil.


If the injectors are cleaned on a regular basis, their service life may reach 200,000 kilometers of mileage.

To replace the component, first relieve pressure in the fuel rail.

Then remove the connecting pipe going from the air filter,

The IAC (idle air control) valve wiring harness, injectors wiring harnesses, and the throttle position sensor wiring harness.

Next, disconnect the hose from the fuel pressure regulator, and unscrew the pipes that supply fuel to the fuel rail.

After that, unscrew the bolts that hold the rail in place, and remove it.

Disconnect brackets of the injector and extract it; replace a faulty component.

To install a new component, assemble the unit in the reverse order.

Diesel Services Online London & South East .

This contamination can not only lead to poor performing injectors,

but can lead to broken injector nozzles like the one pictured here.

Also what happens when someone has an injector failure like this?

They most often replace just the one bad injector.

Sometimes they replace the whole set.

These old injectors are then sent in to be rebuilt as cores.

Now we know if one injector has failed from debris being run through it,

the rest of the injectors are probably damaged too.

An injector builder that is less than reputable or inexperienced.

Also passing  these functioning injectors through the rebuild process because they test ok after cleaning.

Furthermore  you get a rebuilt injector usually for a budget price.

Therefore these injectors will not last.

The market is flooded with them.

Finally you will be installing an injector that is pretty much half or more worn out.

Diesel injector services

We stock a comprehensive range of diesel injectors.

Our customers can purchase wide range of diesel parts from our webstore.

This is diesel equipment which we now call early diesel.

It generally has little or no electronic control

and has been replaced in passenger cars by the common rail system.

Bosch and Lucas injectors

Also Bosch and Lucas type rotary injectors Diesel is injected into highly compressed, hot air

Hence Diesel engines of any type work because diesel fuel is injected into a cylinder of highly compressed air.

Because the air is compressed it is very hot.

As a result Fuel ignites forcing the piston down into the cylinder and turning the crankshaft.

Diesel fuel has to be atomised, turned to mist or microscopic droplets.

Consequently the injectors are designed to make this happen.


But, what is injector stiction and how does it relate to the injector?

Injector stiction has to do with the injector spool valve.

When the FICM commands the injector to open, there can be a delay in the spool valve movement,

Usually from the spool valve sticking in the bore.

How diesel fuel injection system works

A fuel injection pump is a very complex piece of engineering.
Each one is calibrated to deliver just the right quantity of fuel via the fuel injector into the combustion chamber.
This ensures the maximum power output and optimum fuel efficiency.
Although their complexity makes it complicated to replace individual parts, it is relatively easy to fit entire replacement units into place.

In addition, the customer may notice some fuel dilution in the oil by seeing that the oil level is rising on the dipstick.

When the engine is shut down, the crack in the injector’s body will often cause fuel to drain back from the fuel lines and rails back to the tank.

When the leak down occurs, the engine has to spin over for an excessive period of time in order to re-prime the injection system.

In most cases, the injection pump is driven indirectly from the crankshaft by gears,

chains or a toothed belt – often the timing belt – that also drives the camshaft.

It rotates at half the speed of the crankshaft in a conventional 4 stroke engine.

The timing is precisely set according to the model of engine it services,

so that the fuel injection pump introduces the right volume of diesel into the cylinder chamber

only a fraction of a second before the cylinder reaches the top dead centre position of its compression stroke.

This ensures the fuel only becomes available from the fuel injector at the critical point of the cycle.

At this point, the heat generated from the very high compression in the piston causes the diesel fuel to ignite, generating power for the engine.

Fuel injection pumps are precision engineered components

Because fuel injection pumps operate thousands of times a minute, ensuring their reliability

is a key challenge for any supplier and our own genuine pumps, backed by a 12 month warranty,

have been engineered for the precise requirements of your engine.

Our fuel injection pumps are designed to the highest specification and ensure that we give you precise calibration and fuel delivery.

In turn, this helps to optimise your combustion cycles, thereby maximising your power, efficiency and fuel consumption.

Although we have tried to make the installation process as simple as possible, in practice, you may need the help of your local distributor.

It is important to ensure the setup is correct as the fuel injection pump plays a role in limiting the emissions from your engine.

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You don’t have to take our word for it.

Share your opinions through tools like product reviews and our Facebook page

When you’re ready to buy, we give you options.

There are several things that can cause stiction of the spool valve.

One of the biggest culprits is the type of oil being used along with the viscosity.

These engines can be very picky about oil. It is not that there are bad oils on the market, but some are better for this engine than others.

As you can see, these engines use hydraulic pressure to operate high injection pressures.

One thing that tends to influence hydraulics is the amount of air that can be entrapped in the oil.

Hydraulics do not like air. Air in the oil causes foam.

When foam enters the injector, it will cause misfires and rough running due to the “fake” injection pressures the foam is producing.

Diesel injector services  Call  07850225374

First of all, you need to understand how the injector functions.

In the top of the injector is what is known as a spool valve.

The spool valve is controlled by two 48-volt, 20-amp coils that direct oil flow in and out of the injector.

However, injectors can fail in ways other than becoming just worn out or tired.

One of the most common failures occurs when an injector body becomes cracked.

When the body is cracked, the engine will not necessarily produce a miss but will cause other problems,

Which can be even more difficult to pinpoint.

Although the injector body can be cracked, the engine may still run fine but just take an extended period of time to crank.

Whether you have a gas or diesel engine, the fuel injector plays a vital and central role,

One of the most common injector issue is contamination.

Gone are the days of old when you could run sludge through an injector and it would seem to just keep on working.

Whether it is water, rust, or some sort of dirt, this material passing through the injector wrecks them.

As a result  sandblasting the seats and barrels that the injector plungers need to work against.

After a while the injectors do not have the tight tolerances needed to operate properly.

These systems operate in a range up to 27,000 psi.

There isn’t much room for margins, things need to be exact for best performance.

Strip the fuel pump down and check for general wear & tear or obvious signs of defect.

At this stage we will contact you with our findings.

If then then there are no obvious signs of defect, the fuel pump will be tested at your approval

Certainly, there are some common repairs needed on specific engines that are easy to do, but that doesn’t mean everything else will be easy to diagnose.

Owners often think that because diesel engines are now computer-controlled, the technician should be able to hook up a scan tool and immediately see what is going on.



Diesel Fuel Injectors
Part Image Make and Model Test Fee
MECHANICAL INJECTOR All makes and models £3.00
£25 per injector
Bosch Piezo 0445115***
£25 per injector
Bosch PD Injector 0414720*** £35 per injector
Bosch Commercial Unit Injector 0414701***
£35 per injector
Delphi Common Rail All models £15 per injector
Delphi commercial injector All models £35 per injector
Denso Common Rail Injector All models £15 per injector
Siemens/ VDO common rail injector All models £15
Delphi C3I (20 Digit code style) All models £25

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