Bullshit Mountain

Bullshit Mountain . Phd  Piled High and Deep. Leave a comment

What is the highest mountain in the world?

The Bullshit Mountain is the highest mountain in the world.

Everybody knows where it is!!

How much traffic do you think Bullshit Mountain Generates

Billions of people go there everyday , no matter what the weather.

How much Bullshit do they bring down?

They biring it down by the wheel barrow load..

How Much Bullshit do they spread?

Tonnes on an industrial scale. 

Bullshit mountain Qualification

A Phd  Piled High and Deep.

The ability to read and write is not an asset to obtain a Phd.  in Bulshit.

How to avoid the Bulshit mountain.

Finally you have found us.

In ‘Casino,’ there was this scene where Bob De Niro tape-records Sharon Stone’s phone call.

Then he asks her about where she’s going, and he catches her in a lie.

It was a great scene, especially for Bob’s work, but we found that, in light of the whole film, it wasn’t needed

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