Vendor’s Instructions

Writing a great listing

Follow the bidallhours template.
Keep website links and contact details in the designated boxes. and in your  title, description and photos.

Don’t be tempted to spam. your listing will be removed.

Get the category right 
Our categories work hard to connect the right Website /bidallhours store / product, with the right buyer. Please don’t try to get more views or avoid paying our fees by posting in the wrong one. You’ll get better results when your ad appears in the right place. If you do not see the right category for you, please contact the TEAM@ bidallhours .com and we will create the category for you.

Steer clear of disputes by writing a clear and honest description of your item.

Use plain English   The images you post make sure it is sharp and clean.. You’re welcome to add a translation in another language in your item description. Products that clearly state what the items are makes it easier for users to find and google to rank.

Don’t create more than one ad for the same item, or create multiple accounts

You can post multiple items in one listing . of the same item. . the listing fee is free per item.

The price is right
Clearly state the price you want for your item. You’re welcome to invite near offers. you can also  set up  bidding . bidallhours is also  an auction house.

Items not allowed to be sold on bidallhours/ shops  . all websites and stores will be vetted to comply with the law before they go live.

Animal parts
Including parts of protected species
Cigarettes and related products
Cigarettes, cigars and loose tobacco
Electronic cigarette filters

Anything fake, copied or unauthorised
Something with a company name/logo but wasn’t made or endorsed by them.

Firearm Ammunition,
Guns, including air guns, replica guns, paintball guns and silencers
Hunting equipment

Anything stolen
Blocked phones or no-signal phones
Weapons and knives
Chef and kitchen knives
Crossbows and archery sets
Historical and ornamental weapons like Samurai swords and bayonets