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About us! Bidallhours Worldwide, the online market place platform that allows  you to sell what is in your website store, direct with no selling commission fees.

Is this for real? Yes! Bidallhours is here to help you sell your products or advertise your business to the rest of the world with our support!

After 20 years of selling online, knowing how difficult it has become for sellers on the mainstream selling platforms to make any money, Biddallhours Worldwide is now going to change all that.

Here at Bidallhours you can open a store, using your website url. Install your logo. To make it more prominent you list and feature your best selling item in the correct category for free. If you do not see the category that is suitable for your product then contact the Bidallhours team and we will create it for you.  Once you are registered, everything you submit to Bidallhours is visual to everyone.  Our SEO team takes over, our aim is to drive Bidallhours to the top of every page of every search engine taking your web store with us. let us help you achieve your goal.

More About us.

If you are thinking about starting a business, you can start here by having a website store  for free until you are ready to launch your own webstore.  You can list as many items as you wish for free in your Bidallhours store. let us help you full fill your dream.

To sell on Bidallhours you have the options of Auction, buy it now and make an offer available.  You can choose free shipping or add your own shipping fee.

What you sell you keep it all, we do not want commission or percentage or fees, you deal direct with your customers. you set your own terms and conditions.

There must be a catch, seo costs a fortune? yes it does! singularly but not collectively .

To register on Bidallhours we are offering at a special introductory registration fee  for 12 months of just £10.  FREE to list and feature  items for 40 days. RELIST FOR FREE.

Advertise your website. Sell free online with bid all hours.

Join us and learn even more About us.

  1. What is the best way to sell for free online?

    sell online for free now, is one of the absolute best ways to turn your loyal audience into a consistent revenue stream. In fact, many of my customers set out to start their shops specifically for the purpose of marketing and selling.

    sell online for free now

    I will discuss how to use  BIDALLHOURS to sell products. Whether you are selling an existing product of your own or you are using your hub to sell.  Products for a 3rd party company in exchange for a referral fee. I recommend that all sellers have some kind of product offering.

    Stop overlooking the money making potential of using your shop to sell free online .Read on to learn about how simple it can be.

    The Keys to Selling Products for free Online  Audience and Conversion Rate

    The two biggest factors in how successful you can be with offering products to sell free online. The size of your audience you are able to convert into paying customers (also referred to as your conversion rate). First, we will discuss how easy growing your audience can be.

    Building Your Audience Means More Potential Customers

    Building a bigger audience is something that every seller should be focused on at all times.The best way to build your audience is through quality content that adds real value to your customers.  Creating content that is easily shared among people always helps expand the potential visibility of your website.

    When you grow the audience of people who regularly read your blog, you also are growing your potential customer base. The more eyes that you are able to get on your blog, the more potential purchases you will be able to drive. Besides growing your audience, you should also be mindful of the percentage of them you are turning into customers.

    Increase Your Conversion Rates by Keeping It Relevant

    Increasing window shoppers that you convert into purchasers  is to present,real value proposition with what you are selling. Even if you create engaging, shareable content .That your shoppers love.if you cant sell free online its almost surefire route to failure.

    Launch a website that gives your buyers advice or recommendations. Find a way to drive your customers towards the products or service that you recommend.  This makes your sales pitch seamless. Much more likely that your buyers will take you up on it.

    Selling Your Own Products direct from your website: Turning window shoppers Into Customers

    Manysellers already have a product that they are looking to sell. This could be something as simple as selling an e-book , or perhaps selling your time as a consultant or other type of expert within your field.

    Take a step back to sell online for free now!!!

    I have seen many sellers get overzealous when selling products .They own themselves, to the point that they neglect to sell free online.Their products that are intended to draw their customers in. My advice is to never lose sight of what brings your window shoppers to you in the first place: excellent content.

    The best advertising for any product is to give your potential customers a taste of what you have to offer. And there is no better way to do this then in showing your expertise. Using the best marketplace platform for selling online for free  and make available for everyone to see. If you forget this point, you might find that you lose them,  before you  to turn them into customers!

    sell free online

    To convince a customer to pay you for a product or for your time, show them a clear example. explain how this will make their life easier or more fulfilling is an absolute necessity.

    Like it or not, we all encounter dozens of advertising messages each day. Because of this, most people train themselves to filter and ignore empty sales pitches that overpromise and underdeliver.

    The good news is that you make a well founded case for why customers should purchase what you are offering. I recommend avoiding trying to come up with the perfect sales pitch, and instead making yourself as relatable as possible. People are more likely to buy from a trusted source, so authenticity is absolutely vital.

    sell online for free now

    Pointing your readers towards selling for free  somewhere else can be extremely lucrative. Typically the company refer customers who will give you a fee, in exchange for referring the customer to them. Best of all, you do not have to worry about taking on any of the risk in terms of holding the products.

    Commissions vary quite a bit depending if you can sell for free.  I always recommend reviewing options, so that you can be sure you are going with the most competitive option available. Most e-commerce sites will pay more for affiliates who send them the most customers, so I recommend not getting discouraged if you are not seeing really high conversions in the beginning.

    FINALLY About us.

    In order to sell as many products as possible. I  recommend narrowing your focus to goods and services that you can sell online for free . One great way to do this is to partner with a major online marketplace, such as bidallhours.

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    About us.