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Shop, Sell, Auction, and  Advertise your website. Easy SEO ,open a shop,list an item , publish = 1st page google.

Easy SEO. List and Publish=1st page Google.


Advertise  your  Website here for just £49 per year

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 Shop, Sell, Auction, and  Advertise your website.

Easy SEO ,open a shop,list an item , publish = 1st page google.

PROOF: Highlight any product title in any shop in bidallhours marketplace.

Copy and paste into your browser , Click search .

Bidallhours is a new kind of shopping  site that offers the most comprehensive shopping experience on the web.

Our shopping experts have drawn on their industry experience and insider connections to bring you the best collection stores .

You can’t live without, and the brands and products you love , all in one place.

Search for the products you love from the best stores on the web.

See them side by side.

Decide which price, shipping method, and delivery schedule options work best for you.


You don’t have to take our word for it.

Share your opinions through tools like product reviews and our Facebook page

When you’re ready to buy, we give you options.

You can use your secure BIDALLHOURS.COM account to make purchases across our Trusted Merchant Stores,

All backed by BIDALLHOURS 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Or you can make your purchase directly from the web sites of our Partner Stores.

Easy SEO

Shop, Sell, Auction, and  Advertise your website. Easy SEO ,open a shop,list an item , publish = 1st page google.

Is  Right for you?: payment and sales management tools are right for any artist selling online and/or in-person.

Its free online store feature is a great option for artists who want to sell up to 250 .

finished items, mass-produced pieces, or digital download works on their website.

There is no  is a simpler solution than other online stores and lists items all on one page.

That’s why we say it’s best for artists selling around 250 items or less.

More than 50 per page can make your single page quite long.

You can categorize and sort listings any way you wish,

but they all appear in rows on a single web page.

Item listings do open in a pop-up page when clicked, so you can show plenty of item details.

But you can create categories on different pages using online store.

That said, what does,

It does incredibly well.

With your free online store, you can easily set up your site,

add products, choose a website address,

and start marketing, selling your art online within an afternoon.

It’s mobile-friendly, too. is an especially good choice if you want to sell art both online

and in-person in your gallery, at art shows or markets, and through other in-person means.

All  payment options;

Online, mobile, and in-store point-of-sale.

Neatly tie your entire business together.

Leaving you more time to create.

List your website with confidence, let the world see you.


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Making money

Making money Online start now today

Advertise  your  Website here for just £49 per year

  sell online for free. Plus  1st page google.


Any online presence ideally needs to Making money in order to justify its existence.

Whether that be through donations from fans or purchases to support the cause,

There are many unique ways to generate revenue even when you have a small following.

The internet has made it possible to collect revenue through just about any method imaginable.

With some offering more flexible terms and ease of use for those who don’t have extra capital.

Finding ways to help supplement the time and energy dedicated to your passion is crucial.

Today, let’s look at a few platforms that are ideal for accepting contributions and generating profit for your online presence.

Making money – for Donations and Subscriptions

Particularly helpful for those in the field of artistic creations and community cultivation,

BIDALLHOURS is a platform that helps both businesses and creators.

It is a great way to gather subscriptions and donations from your followers,

Making money also makes it easy for brands to reward their subscribers with exclusive content and other perks;

It’s comparable to Kickstarter in this regard, but open to everybody.

Many of your fans probably already have an  account and support their favorite creators,

So it won’t be difficult to convince them to support you.

TeeSpring – for Merchandise

Brand-related merchandise is always a great thing to have for your fans, but the start up costs associated with producing it can be discouraging.

Thankfully, TeeSpring offers a very competitive pricing structure, no start up costs, no minimums and the ability to charge whatever you’d like.

For example, a basic shirt starts at £10: anything over that that you charge is pure profit, with no additional fees associated with it.

You can easily start  links to your merchandise on your website and even in embeds on YouTube videos.

Google Ads – for Affiliate Marketing

If you spend time reviewing or writing about various products and services, then the use of affiliate marketing may have crossed your mind.

By including links to various products and services that are coded to an affiliate account, you can earn a percentage of every purchase that is made via one of your links.

Google Ads is probably one of the most well-known solutions for this option today, and provides an unprecedentedly large platform for brands to utilize.

Signing up is relatively easy and the platform walks users through the process.

In addition, there are many other affiliate marketing networks available out there that you can use in conjunction with Google Ads

Just be sure not to overdo it, as your readers won’t appreciate an onslaught of ads and pitches.

WooCommerce – for General Sales

If you have merchandise or services that you would prefer to sell directly, then there’s arguably no better choice than WooCommerce.

Used predominantly on WordPress websites, WooCommerce allows you to configure a fully-featured online marketplace on your website,

Selling everything from tangible products to digital downloads.

With total control over the shopping experience, you can start pinging links to any and all products imaginable.

It also offers fully integrated payment solutions, making it easy to run your entire store through one platform.

Regardless of your specific focus, there are ways to ensure that your brand can generate revenue.

Whether it be passively through advertising or actively through sales or donations, these options are a few of the many that businesses,

Brands and bloggers use to subsidize their effort online. We’re sure that at least one of these four will be useful to you as well.

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Rank 1st page google Just 49 Pounds a year

Why you should list your product on

Advertise  your  Website here for just £49 per year  and sell online for free. Plus  1st page google.


Bidallhours Marketplace and it’s Countless Benefits,  Rank 1st page google is not just like your regular marketplace but offer something completely different and that stands it out from every other market places you know

Here your items can be listed using the niche area of your item as the title and that would place you on the 1st page of Google.

place hyperlinks to your URL.

Our properly done Backlinks help your site rank higher in Google & other search engines.

If you have a site, product or service and want it to be found,Rank 1st page google get it listed on bidallhours .

Stand a good chance of getting your product to be seen by more people.

Plus Real Traffic to your Website for a whole  year




    High Domain Authority 2. high page Authority 3. advertise your website on the home page. Rank 1st page google

Backlinks are the backbone of every search.

To get a quality result from all searches, you need not just any links but high quality, well made links.

It’s something that all of the top minds in search engine optimization use, so why wouldn’t you?

High Domain Authority

www.bidallhours ranks ANY type of site with the proper allocation of links.

this website  is designed to assist every website owners especially those who promote sites in all niches :

bidallhours rank websites from an affiliate to a client, e-commerce, Amazon, and even reputation management.

To make sense of it.



First of all you should include every details and keyword. marketplace benefits everyone in different ways. Rank 1st page google

For sellers, it is a way to reduce the costs of getting new customers, it  makes it a lot easier to find a new customers on daily basis.

For customers, marketplaces speak to a reliable, unbiased stage where they can discover all that they need alongside audits and great arrangements.

Advantages for the client are additionally at last advantages for a vendor.

All things considered, the more joyful a client is with the purchasing background; the more probable they are to make a recurrent buy.

Let’s quickly highlight some of these benefits

Access to more customers  Rank 1st page google.

A marketplace is ordinarily frequented by a bigger number of visitors than individual websites.

Massive numbers of individuals browse through these websites regardless of whether they aren’t searching for something explicit.

even though some of them may not be searching for the product you listed, there is yet an opportunity that they will run over your product.

Rank 1st page google  could prompt drive buys and make your brand visible to new customers.



Simple administration of limited time bargains

Marketplaces make it helpful to offer coupons and deals to customers.

It likewise shortens the response time.

This is helpful for both the seller and the purchaser.

Faster response enables vendors to make changes if necessary for their campaign.

Readily availability of marketing data that boost your sales.

Along with increased exposure to new customers, Bidallhours is a marketplace that gives brands data about their sales.

Brands can utilize data, for example, click information, surveys, and so on to improve their product.

Seeing how a potential client scans for products additionally enables brands to advertise themselves in better ways.

For instance, when seeing things to remember when product uploading,

having a knowledge of what search terms customers enter can help name products.

Marketplaces and expanded benefits

A definitive objective of each brand is to expand their net revenues and that must be accomplished when you have a product recorded on

A decreased expense of finding new customers

A marketplace has a greater number of customers than an individual online business site.

Adequately, this implies by spending a similar measure of cash on advancements, our customers can be made unmistakable to a lot more individuals.

This cuts down the expense related to securing another client.

Lesser additional expenses

At first look, commission charged by other marketplaces may make them look extravagant.

In any case, a more intensive look will paint an alternate picture.

You would need to pay a space expense, the charge for the facilitating supplier,

SEO expenses, adverts to direct people to your site, exchange charges and so forth.

Also at the point when every one of these expenses,  they can be significantly more than selling for free on bidallhours marketplace.

Decreased Marketing Costs

Running an advancement on a marketplace is a lot less expensive than running one separately.

As a brand, you can take part in limited time crusades being overseen by the marketplace.

Furthermore in this manner, you don’t have to devote the same number of assets to running this.

Likewise, it realizes that these stages can achieve more potential customers than any individual brand.

Higher Conversion Rate

Your product stand a good chance of being seen by so many people if listed on Bidallhours,

Also the is the number of visitors your personal website may not be able to meet up with,

When more people see your brand’s products on a marketplace rather than on your website,

As a result can be safely assumed that the conversion rate on a marketplace is higher than that of a stand-alone website.

More Trust.  Rank 1st page google

Customers trust the products sold on marketplaces like bidallhours to meet certain quality standards just because they are listed here.

In many cases, a customer buys a product from a marketplace instead of the brand’s website because of their trust in our marketplace.

Therefore, when your products is listed here, you have instantly boosted your credibility ratings and that with automatically result in more sales.


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seems like,




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Creative Hobbycraft

Creative Hobbycraft. Sell your Craft Today

How to make money from your craft hobby

Advertise  your  Website here for just £49 per year  and sell online for free. Plus  1st page google.


Creative Hobbycraft. If you make crafts as a hobby, you may have daydreamed about turning it into a money-making business.

But there’s no reason to assume it has to stay a daydream.

There are many examples of people who have managed to achieve just this.

One example is   selling knitted animal heads in the style of wall-mounted hunting trophies.

Another making money from their craft is creating handmade greetings cards.

What these two have in common is that both, these entrepreneurs started their business using a selling platform. like Bidallhours.

This website allows individuals to sell craft items through their online shop and there are many more people who have been able to monetise their hobby.

With Etsy now reaching close to a million online stores, there is a lot of competition for business.

Resulting in a crowded marketplace.

Other websites can offer a similar service.

Whichever route you go down, there are a number of things to consider if you want to try to become one of these success stories.

Creative Hobbycraft. Online

There are several options for websites to sell your wares on.

As well as Etsy, Amazon and eBay both offer online shops, but they all charge a fee for listing your items.

Consequently you pay a small amount regardless of whether someone buys.

Furthermore take a percentage of your earnings from anything you do sell.

You could go it alone and set up a Facebook page for your business –  it’s a bit more hands on.

Although you’d have to manage any sales yourself by either invoicing or sending them a link to your Paypal.

Kickstarter has a craft project section .

Which has the benefit that will be able to gauge demand before committing yourself to a product range.

Knowing you’ve got guaranteed sales before you start producing your items.

Bidallhours , power  is Knowledge.

Make sure you do your research.

This includes looking at the different outlet options to assess:

What sort of competition is out there

What is selling

How to market your item in terms of images, descriptions, customisation options.

Also what ever else you can think of.

Your product must stand out from the crowd.

Creative Hobbycraft

Having seen what else is in the marketplace.

Bidallhours marketplace will compare favourably  for your proposed products. With what else is on offer.

If not, you will have to consider your options .

Work hard at improving your craft to meet the level of the marketplace.

Also look at doing something very unique and unlike anything else available.

If you can create a product that no-one else is producing you will definitely stand out and make sales .

Assuming there is demand for it.

It’s important to remember that most businesses do not make a profit in their first year.

Also the same will apply even more so with a small business if you have to buy any tools or bulk purchase materials.

As a resul the more you put in, the more you are likely to get out.

Gauge at what level you are comfortable operating.

You may be just looking to sell one or two items a month simply to allow you to continue with your hobby.

It’s all about the money

You need to ensure you price your product appropriately.

Remember that turnover does not equal profit.

Although take into account all of your costs.

This will be the obvious costs, such as materials, postage.

There are no fees  to pay , when bidallhours is your chosen outlet.

You will also want to add on costs for wear and tear on any equipment you might use or even rental costs if you need to hire a room or storage, plus a little extra for profit for yourself.

The profit element will probably be dependent on where you want to position yourself in the market place, which you’ll need to judge from your research.

Finally our customers advertise their website here for free.

The ability to analyse your sales is very useful.

Bidallhours online stores will allow you to do so,  you should log your sales as much as possible.

Viewers of The Apprentice would have heard Alan Sugar telling contestants to “smell what sells.”

If you have more than one product  then knowing where you are making your sales.

Creative Hobbycraft will allow you to allocate your products more profitability.

Creative Hobbycraft

Creative-style networks are really taking off.

These networks might be totally wrong for the type of product that you’re looking to sell.

But if you’re not tied down already, then these networks are worth the time to try out.

If you want to dodge the competition altogether, you should build your own online store.

If you want to avoid competition, listing fees and paying commissions, then consider running your own online store.

It’s a little more work to get set up .(unless you

Use a store builder like BIDALLHOURS stores and to promote.

As a result the bigger picture it can be a hugely profitable option.

While at that, if you’re looking for more profitable products to sell, you can learn more about Salehoo 

Which can help you source profitable products from low cost suppliers.

Be sure to also check these Salehoo reviews by our customers before you decide.

Finally, if you’re an enthusiast for selling one type of product .

But you don’t want to build your own site.

Creative Hobbycraftit’s worth looking into niche-specific marketplaces.

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