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Purest Beauty, UK Beauty Cosmetics.

UK Beauty Cosmetics. Fragrance, Skincare online

UK Beauty Cosmetics.. Fragrance, Cosmetics, Skincare online

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UK Beauty Cosmetics. We offer products and services from the Internet’s leading suppliers and manufacturers

We sell  UK Beauty around the World and pride ourselves.

On offering a level of customer service that we would want to see ourselves if we were shopping online.

Our UK Beauty product ranges change regularly.

Sowe hope that you come back to our site to see some of the fantastic offers that we regularly have.

We would urge you to understand that we are not a face-less or name-less organisation.

Furthermore we want you to know that we are here to help.

Make your online experience as enjoyable and rewarding as we can make it for you.

UK Beauty Cosmetics.  we invite you to browse the rest of our website at your leisure.

UK Beauty We love our  skincare and makeup but what about body products?

Our skin is our LARGEST organ and any products we are using on our entire bodies .

Like body lotions and body wash have the potential to really impact our health.

Due to the surface area they cover (our skin absorbs 60-90% of what we put on it) so we REALLY want to avoid toxic nasties in body products!

UK Beauty Cosmetics.. Fragrance, Cosmetics, Skincare online

Here are some of our favourite ways to ensure the skin on our bodies are really being taken care of.

You cannot be taken seriously as a beauty junkie if you’re not lurking on Makeup Addiction at least a few times a week.

It’s one of the most supportive, informative and innovative corners of the internet.

You go for the mascara recommendations and stay for the eyeshadow palette mock ups and DIY battle stations.

It’s probably the happiest place on earth, just saying.

UK Beauty Cosmetics.. Fragrance, Cosmetics, Skincare online

While it’s gotten easier since my struggle high school days, the industry still has a ways to go .

If you’re into makeup that’s so natural that people will assume you , look no further.

Into the Gloss manages to be clever, edgy and community-focused all at once without sacrificing aesthetics.

One of my interviews, everyone from Milkbar founder Christina Tosi to Emma Watson  giving us  an inside look at their makeup bags.

And did I mention they did a red lipstick test with Big Macs?

I’ve been inundated with makeup lately and all of it is high quality, high performing and totally safe for your body and skin.

Most of it is even vegan and no company allows animal testing.  Do you know what this means?  The beauty industry is turning around

UK Beauty Cosmetics.. Fragrance, Cosmetics, Skincare online

First let me touch on exercise.  I’m pretty honest that I struggle with it.

I used to be religious about it.  From high school forward I always got 3x a week of 30 minute cardio.

It’s not much but it was enough.  It was enough to get blood flowing, manage my weight and not overwhelm me.

Somewhere along the way I got overly ambitious and overwhelmed myself to where I stopped exercising all together.

Now that I’m back and honestly I’m only doing 20 minutes 3x a week, the blood flow to my face is major.

Within a week, I could tell my skin looked so much better.

Second, I changed my skin care routine. shared it with you all because they are natural products that rely on your DNA

To determine the best formula which is totally worth sharing.

UK Beauty, awareness is rising about making the right decisions.

There is a strong tendency towards adopting healthier and greener habits in order to improve one’s overall health and wellness.

In fact, using natural and organic beauty products is becoming one of the most important components of healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore  searching for a good facial cleanser, it can be a challenge to select the right moisturizer for your skin.

We’ve seen it lift moods, kick-start self-confidence, and connect people across cultures and countries.

Our team’s knowledge is second to none. Whether you’ve got a question or are looking for the next big thing in beauty.

Being the biggest online retailer in Europe, we constantly innovate, discover, and share the inspiring things we find all over the world.

UK Beauty. Fragrance, Cosmetics, Skincare online

We offer a host of unique services that you won’t find anywhere else!

We will continue to redefine the beauty industry one product at time through inspiration, creation and passion.

Currently, our products are cruelty-free with a line expanding from Eyes, Lips, Face and Exclusive Collections.

We want our  Girls to feel inspired, and have the freedom to express their inner girl boss attitude.

This is just the beginning for UK Beauty Creations, we hope you can enjoy this ride with us because we aren’t stopping.

Ultimate and preferred luxury beauty retail destination for aspiring and established Industry professionals and artists based in the UK.

2018 has begun, and pundits and opinion makers are predicting that 2018 will be the “Year of the Woman”. That of course, ihas started to be seen.

And we have heard this prediction before.

Yet it is hard to deny that women have made enormous progress in the past few years.

I partnered up with my friend , a leader in empowering female founders, to profile some “limit breaking female founders” and the lessons that they can teach us.

We hope that you can find empowering and actionable words of wisdom from these profiles.

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Markus  has worked in luxury goods . His commitment to encouraging and nurturing emerging makers is renowned throughout the sector,

Markus firmly believes that craft makers and making can be enhanced by dynamic exhibitions and the cross germination of skills and experience.

All visually desplayed on a worldwide platform.

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screen printing supplies GB

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SCREEN PRINTING SUPPLIES GB.  focus on promoting.

Our high quality bare and meshed aluminum frames.

Silk Screen printing equipment in the UK market at competitive pricing.

Our Advantages that will benefit to clients.

Full series of screen printing supplies such as fabric mesh, squeegee, emulsion, inkjet films, washout booth.

Factory located in KENT UK which is the leading company of screen printing kits with more than 40 years’ experience.

Not only successful in Screen Printing but also great in SMT frames with foils.

Our Advantages that will benefit to clients:

Full series of screen printing supplies uk such as fabric mesh, squeegee, emulsion, inkjet films, washout booth.

Our Ink spatulas have natural wood handles, Stainless steel rivets and stainless steel blade.

The semi-flexible ink spatulas are easier to use.

Ink Spatulas are a key tool for overall profitability by keeping your ink distribution clean, easy, and fast.

Our semi-flexible blade is preferred by screen printers for stirring and mixing colours.

Therefore flexibility allows for easy ink application on the screen making specific quantities a lot easier to manage.


•  The pallet is adjustable; It can be adjusted from forward to backward, from left to right.
•  It is overprintable which is especially suitable for printing onto T-shirt, pillowcase, bag, non-woven bags and so on.
•  Special design of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it easier for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of the screen, which guarantees proper spring intensity to avoid squeegees expelling and inks splashing in higher intensity and screen unfixing because of higher weight of screen frames and squeegees in loose intensity.
•  Screen clamp can be moved up and down, which is suitable for screen frame within 1.8” (4.5cm) thickness.

1 colour screen printing press  adopts full metal structure with parts of stainless steel materials, which is in advanced electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, convenient in cleaning and not rust. It is especially suitable for single color T-shirt printing. Composite structure & excellent packaging for convenient transportation.
Equipped with manual instruction and full set tools

The Screen Printing supplies uk method.

The term refers to a method of pushing paint through a screen made of a fine mesh, prepared so that some of the mesh doesn’t let paint through, to create a design.

It is also known as silkscreen, silk-screening and serigraph referring to the original material that printing screens were made of and the ability to create a series of prints.


Substrate it the surface that is being printed. Substrates are varied, with the most common ones being fabric and paper.

Screen printers will refer to their screens as having a substrate and a squeegee side, respectively the side where the screen touches the substrate and the side where the ink is pushed through with a squeegee.


A squeegee is similar to a wiper, used to squeeze ink through the mesh of the treated screen onto the substrate.

Squeegee blades can be hard or soft and can have square, rounded or pointed blade edges for the use on different substrates.

Durometer is the number indicating the hardness of the squeegee blade.

While higher the number the harder it is with 70 being the most common durometer.

Soft round squeegees are more often used for fabrics. While hard sharp edged and square squeegees do well on non-porous surfaces.

Screen Mesh Prints:


The screen mesh is the polyester used in screen printing for the screen.

It comes in a thread count of 15t to 200t. The higher the thread count, the less ink it will let through.

Screen mesh comes in either white or yellow.

When exposing a positive onto mesh the colour can make the difference between soft and sharp images.

White mesh reflects the light of the exposure to all sides and so creates softer lines while the coloured mesh with less reflection produces a sharper image.


Last, but definitely not least, is the screen printing frame which holds the screen mesh.

They’re made from wood or aluminum.

Wooden frames don’t last anywhere near as long as aluminum frames which cost a great deal more.

Frames are often pre-tensioned


Post-screen printed glass is more favorably welcomed by people used in interior or outdoor design and decoration.

Nowadays, glass containers have begun to apply to medical supplies, industrial products, and the high quality of glass products.

All decorated by screen printing technology will become the new growth point of glass printing.

SCREEN PRINTING SUPPLIES GB are United kingdoms number one supplier of screen printing aluminum frame.

Silk Screen printing meshed frame.

Pre-stretched frame, Screen printing aluminum frame.

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As a leading supplier within the screen print sector, we endeavor to fulfill complete customer satisfaction at all times.
Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide

Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide

Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide.

Our step by step Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide.
1. Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide take a sheet of sunlight clear film.

We can draw, trace or print our design on to it.

The size of the design should be within a 30mm
clear border around the edges of the film.

2. To draw or trace, use a sunlight opaque art pen.

  The ink is formulated to block UV light. 

We can also print our design from a computer generated design programme. 

The design/image should be at 1200 dpi.

We recommend any Epson photo stylus inkjet printer or OKI  black and white laser toner printer .


Either printer, the settings should be – print BLACK only BEST PHOTO.


We must always use original ink as they have better UV resistant properties.

3. Now we take our Sunlight Exposure Glass Unit and separate all the parts on a table. Clean the glass and lay it flat.

Lay our film flat on the glass, print side down.

Now in subdued light, we unseal our Sunlight Stencil protective bag and remove the stencil sheet.

Place it flat on top of the stencil film, lining up the edges of the film.

We now place the black backing over the Sunlight Stencil sheet, making sure it lines up with the glass.

Now using the pressure clips provided, clip the glass and black backing together.

We are nearly there!

4. Now take the complete sandwiched unit into the sunlight.

We need to keep it covered, so we don’t pre expose! (A simple black bin liner or similar will do for this).

For us to achieve a quality burnt/exposed image onto our stencil, we need to place our sandwiched unit, directly facing the sun.

This can be vertical or horizontal.

Not in any shade.

If we have chosen a blue sunlight stencil, uncover it and expose it to sunlight for 10 minutes.

If we have a Green one, expose it in 4 minutes.

5. When the exposure time is reached, we are now free to dismantle the unit.

This can be done inside or outside (wherever our water supply is).

Now we remove the Sunlight Stencil sheet and soak it in a bowl of water for 2 minutes.

Run the tap water gently over the image to clear the unexposed area.

We use the sponge to clear any residue left on the image.

Now we hold the stencil up to any light and check that the image is completely clear.

If it is not completely clear, we just need to run some more water, direct from a shower tap through our image.

Hey presto!

6. The Sunlight Stencil should feel smooth as glass.

Peg it up to dry, on  a radiator or washing line. When it has fully dried, it is ready to be mounted for some serious Silkscreen printing.

Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide Framing your stencil.

What can our sunlight stencil sheet print or paint on to?

Where shall we begin!  Not only flat surfaces but round, curved, around corners, the list is endless.

  The secret is in the frame. Or not to frame.

To Frame or not to Frame
Our Custom made stencil is ready but first we have to decide if we are going to Tension frame it, Flexi Frame it or print with it as it is.
Lets look closer to what we are going to screen print onto, which will make this choice really simple.

Choice 1.Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide

 I only want to print for example 1 T.shirt, 1 Tote bag, 1 Tea Towel, 1 Hoodie, 1 pair of oven gloves

Using Standard Waterbased ink or a mixo Plastisol ink.

All these textile products are porous surfaces,  an off-contact is not required.

Which means the Sunlight Stencil sheet can be taped on to the product using simple masking tape. 

Our Custom stencil sheet surface is on-contact with the product when we print. 

When the surface is porous the ink wraps/soaks into the fibres and you don’t get a build up of ink under the Sunlight Stencil sheet.

Remember – if printing a non flat surface, we can do so without a frame or a flexi frame and to print around angled corners, we don’t use a frame.

Choice 2.Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide

 I want to silk screen a short print run – 20 of each item, that’s 140 pieces all together.

I want to sell these first, before i even consider buying any sort of machines.

Ok! To save time and energy, our custom stencil can be mounted on a Flexible Frame. No taping involved!
The Sunlight Flexible Frame gives us a huge labour saving advantage on a print run of 140 pieces.

Printing as fast as you can say place print place print place print.

We lay the Sunlight Flexible frame flat on a table.

Using the 2 way double sided stencil tape,  stick one side of the tape around the parameters of the frame and peel the backing of the tape, so the frame is now sticky.

 Tape around the parameters 

We take our custom stencil sheet PRINT SIDE UP place it over the sticky side of the frame.

Press one side down on to the frame. Keeping it taught, press the opposite side down.

Repeat this with the 2 side ends. Now press firmly down so the Sunlight frame and the Sunlight Stencil is flat.

 Sunlight frame meets Sunlight Stencil. Print side up.

We now have a silk screen printing screen that is rigid but also flexible enough to print onto round object – wow!

The thickness of the Flexible Frame combined with the 2 way tape is 2mm, we have a perfect off contact.

Now we can use all opaque inks as well as standard in any range.
Finally we mask the area where our custom Sunlight Stencil meets

Choice 3.Screen Printing Supplies Stencil Guide

So Easy tension embroidery hoop.

By far the easiest way to tension custom made sunlight stencil.
place the inner hoop flat on a table .

Place our stencil image print side down over our inner hoop.

Now place the outer frame over our image stencil and press down, it should have a tight fit .

If it is loose

Remove  the outer hoop and turn the adjustable  screw to make the outer hoop smaller. then push back over sunlight stencil.
Now mask off around the edges so the ink does not leak through  when we start to print.