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Diesel injectors.

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Diesel injectors. All models and Reconditioned Diesel Fuel Pumps


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Where do you start to look for the right Diesel injectors. ? The answere is easy ! Diesel pumps injectors, are one of the largest suppliers and dealers of diesel fuel injections and diesel fuel pump. It is essential that you choose the right injector or pump when replacing your faulty parts.

With over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. Not only can we, service and repair the best standard products available to the market, but provide an outstanding level of professional service to all our customers.
A large investment on machinery and equipment has put us at the forefront of diesel fuel injection reconditioning services in the UK .
All our staff are trained on state of the art test equipment, utilising the latest OE test data, processes and procedures.
Reconditioned injector and fuel pump range cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles.
Heavy duty applications including plant machinery.
All reconditioned using OE parts and tested to OE specifications.

Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Injectors & Pump 

Diesel pumps injectors, recondition and stock a comprehensive range of diesel pumps and injectors.

Manufactures such a Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO Siemens Continental which are available with a refundable surcharge.For this reason that , when you send in your old pump.
A surcharge is the initial deposit we charge for the return of your old diesel injector or pump.

How to find the right Diesel injectors. or pump for my vehicle

It is essential that you choose the right injector or pump when replacing your faulty parts.

Not only might it physically not fit – but if you start the engine with the wrong part installed.

You could cause catastrophic and irreversible damage to the engine.

Diesel injectors. have a fit guide.

Our fit guide which can help you narrow down your search to finding the perfect replacement part.
However we would always advise that if you are unsure, check your existing fault injectoror pump.
For a part number and compare it to the list. Exchange part numbers on the replacement unit.
We have created a fit guide for all pumps and injectors we sell which includes units that are brand new.
Units that have been remanufactured by the original supplier and units that have been remanufactured in house by us .
Follow these steps to narrow down which parts will fit your car, you may not need to take all the steps to find a single unit for your car, or you may have several to choose from:
  1. Find your vehicle’s manufacturer from our list. With Diesel pumps injectors.
  2. Find your vehicle model from the options.
  3. Use the filters on the left hand side to choose how big your engine is.
  4. Look at the products available to see if you can find your engine code.
  5. Further more look at the description of the products available, do the bhp, cylinders and year range match your vehicle.
  6. Compare your old unit’s part number to the list of exchange and alternate part numbers to find the right one for you.
  7. Contact us for help finding the right part.
Bosch invented for life.

At some point, due to fuel contamination or blockage, diesel injectors will need to be replaced. This can be a very expensive exercise and can often result in the need to change the fuel pump, common rail and fuel lines. Previously all of these items had to be replaced with new components resulting in expensive repair bills.

Now there is a more viable and affordable repair option and in response to the rapid growth of diesel powered vehicles. In our local market,

Diesel pumps injectors offer customers remanufactured Diesel injectors.. These Diesel injectors. are sold exclusively though webstore.

Whether you drive a truck, bus or a van.

Running on a diesel engine, issues like clogged fuel injectors.

For the reason that will cause damage to the engine and have a serious effect on the overall performance.

Reconditioned fuel injectors uk. Based in East London.

Hence our experienced technicians use the latest advanced diagnostic equipment to carry out a series of tests on fuel injector systems.

From fault finding and repairs to full rebuilds and testing, you can rely on our team of technicians to get it done.

as a result, hence, consequently, thereforebecause, so, due to, for the reason that

Furthermore Diesel pumps injectors. Customers can also sell online for free on bid all hours. in our webshop.
Finally Diesel pumps injectors. Customers can buy this product in our webshop at anytime day or night.


If the injectors are cleaned on a regular basis, their service life may reach 200,000 kilometers of mileage.

To replace the component, first relieve pressure in the fuel rail.

Then remove the connecting pipe going from the air filter,

The IAC (idle air control) valve wiring harness, injectors wiring harnesses, and the throttle position sensor wiring harness.

Next, disconnect the hose from the fuel pressure regulator, and unscrew the pipes that supply fuel to the fuel rail.

After that, unscrew the bolts that hold the rail in place, and remove it.

Disconnect brackets of the injector and extract it; replace a faulty component.

To install a new component, assemble the unit in the reverse order.

We stock high-quality fuel injectors for every type of car.

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Whether you have a gas or diesel engine, the fuel injector plays a vital and central role,

including. The number one most common injector issue is contamination.

Gone are the days of old when you could run sludge through an injector and it would seem to just keep on working.

The new common rail systems used for the last ten years or so

in the Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, and Ford Powerstroke engines have a very low tolerance to any sort of foreign material in the fuel.

Whether it is water, rust, or some sort of dirt, this material passing through the injector wrecks them.

It basically sandblasts the seats and barrels that the injector plungers need to work against.

After a while the injectors do not have the tight tolerances needed to operate properly.

These systems operate in a range up to 27,000 psi.

There isn’t much room for margins, things need to be exact for best performance.

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