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sell online free

sell online free. start today with bidallhours

Advertise  your  Website here for just £49 per year  and sell online for free. Plus  1st page google.


See why so many people choose bidallhours to start and grow their online businesses and sell online free with bidallhours..

Before starting SaleHoo, I was an online seller on TradeMe,  New Zealand’s local auction site. I now  sell online free with bidallhours.

Like you, I had a long list of challenges that made running a profitable online business more difficult than it needed to be…

  1. I had a hard time finding wholesale and dropship suppliers with real wholesale prices…
  2. It was difficult to find suppliers who would work with a new business and offer low or no minimum orders…
  3. I couldn’t tell whether a supplier was legitimate, or if they would take my money and run…
  4. I struggled to decide which products to sell and when to sell them…
  5. The amount of information out there was overwhelming, but so much of it was out of date, low in quality, or just plain wrong…

…I wasted a lot of time trying to find the right suppliers, products, and info. Everything I needed to be successful was scattered between a bunch of websites, tools, and training resources.

sell online free

Despite these challenges, I did manage to run a profitable online business (eventually), and other sellers took notice and began asking me how I did it.

My answers weren’t very satisfying because my success was due to a lot of trial and error. This made me realize there had to be a better way…

So I teamed up with Mark Ling, a successful Internet entrepreneur, and started SaleHoo to give online sellers everything they need to be successful in one affordable place.

At SaleHoo, you’ll find…

  • 8,000+ trusted wholesale and dropship suppliers that we’ve personally reviewed
  • 1.6 million+ branded products you’ll recognize at prices that leave plenty of room for profit
  • SaleHoo’s staff offering 24/7 support and guidance, a massive and super helpful community of online sellers, and free training on all aspects of starting and growing your online business

Open a web store and See why so many people choose SaleHoo to start and grow their online businesses and sell online free with bidallhours..

Sounds great, right?

sell online free

But if you’re like most online business owners, especially new ones, your first question is, “How much is this going to cost me?”

So we’ve made SaleHoo affordable for anyone who is serious about owning a successful online business…

For less than lunch at a fast food restaurant each month, you’ll get full access to our suppliers, products, market research, training, and community, plus new features as they’re released and unlimited support.

You’ll get everything you need in one place, freeing up more time for selling, for only $67 USD per year ($5.58 per month).

Plus, we’ve made trying SaleHoo risk free. Your purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

137,000 (and counting) paying members from around the world believe joining SaleHoo is a good idea.

And it’s their success stories that keep us going.

From huge wins like Chris Botting, who went from $0 to $70,000 in four months…

“I started with nothing but a hope and a dream. With help from SaleHoo, I was able to source quality suppliers who were willing to give me a chance. Now, because of the lists provided by SaleHoo, after only 4 months in, my top line is $70,000 per year and growing. You have to start somewhere—and that’s a huge leap from $0 just 4 short months ago.”

…to Andrew Kowalchuk, a single dad of three who was able to quit his full-time job after only 3 months…

“I started an online business in no time. In as little as two to three months, I had easily matched my original salary. One month later, I quit my horrible 7-5 job, and ever since then, I have been spending nearly the whole day with my family.”

…to members who just want to make some extra money on the side to support their family after a financial setback, take an extra- special vacation, or supplement their regular income…

“Profits in 3 months were able to support my family when a family member went into the hospital and my husband lost his full-time job.”

 Internet’s largest resource of verified wholesalers and drop shippers

+ Unlimited Free Mobile Responsive eCommerce Websites with free hosting for life with every premium membership, compatible with dropship feeds and ready to accept PayPal and Google Checkout payments (£100 value – target each niche with a unique website) plus ready for Facebook integration.

Yes you can use our directory even if you are based in the UK. SaleHoo is available worldwide and has thousands of members based outside the US. Plus approximately 80% of our suppliers ship worldwide. The best deals are often found outside the US in places such as China, Hong Kong and the UK.

You can check out products and brands SaleHoo has by using this demo (Note: You need to join to see full details). You can learn more about what you get with your membership here.

We also offer helpful training guides to help you set up your business in the UK as well as help you with your first product imports.

Once you join you can instantly access and contact them using our directory. You can join here when ready. It’s US$67 for one year which gives you unlimited use of SaleHoo.

See why so many people choose SaleHoo to start and grow their online businesses and sell online free with bidallhours..


Chris Fry United States of America

“Able to pay for more fun things to do for me and my children, including going on vacation for their birthday.”

Maggie Ma California

“I was able to take my family on a ski trip to Aspen Colorado.”

Eric Harris United States of America

“The extra money I make from turns my income from good to great.”

Tom Ainge-Roy New Zealand

Mark and I want to say “thanks” for checking out SaleHoo, and we hope you’ll give us a try.


Simon Slade
Mark Ling



SaleHoo helps over 137,216 online business owners
find reliable low cost suppliers

sell online free with bidallhours..

Automatic gluing machine

Automatic Gluing machine 40cm GRAB A BARGAIN

Automatic Gluing machine 40cm

Advertise  your  Website here for just £49 per year  and sell online for free. Plus  1st page google.


Automatic Gluing machine has been used only once and is fully working.

Buyer can collect and view machine working from TN15 Kent or it can be sent on a pallet service.

Automatic Gluing machine  with a 40cm wide gluing roller  are hard to come by in the UK, grab a bargain and get quick delivery!

First of all  These Automatic gluing machines sell on amazon for £1500

Features:Automatic Gluing machine 40cm

Gluing material thickness is adjustable from 0.1mm to 2mm.

Any water-soluble glue can be used in this machine, like while glue.

Glue width: 0 – 400mm.

Glue time: 10m/min.

Voltage: 240V/60HZ or 220V/ 50Hz.

Power: 250W.

Size: 705 * 300 * 280mm.

Weight: over 35 kg.

Also Gluing material thickness is adjustable from 0.1mm to 2mm.

Any water-soluble glue can be used in this machine, like while glue.

Glue width: 0 – 400mm.

machine is made of strong metal and high quality. Roller is made of stainless steel. Lasting and durable

Automatic gluing machine

Automatic Gluing machine 40cm       Guing any flat surface to any flat surface  Automatic Cold Glue Machine and Systems
The Right Automatic Cold Glue Machine for Your Needs
When manufacturing companies demand the best cold glue machines and systems For more than 50 years, the best adhesive equipment and accessories in the industry. Every automatic cold glue machine we offer is manufactured to the highest standards at our  facility. With an assembly line, testing lab and service center, we have careful control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring you get an automatic gluing machine designed to exceed your strictest performance standards.

Cold Glue Is Better for the Environment and Safer for Staff

Also regularly used in the labeling, mailing and woodworking industries,

Cold glue adhesives are often considered safer than other adhesives.

For both the environment and for the people who are working directly with the glue.

Due to Cold glue’s low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) mean.

That workers can literally breathe easy during the application process.

Additionally, the fact that it is applied at room temperature and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Employees avoid burns and other skin irritations that are often associated with hot melts or solvent-based adhesives.

  • Max glue width: 40cm / 15.7inch
  • Power: 220V/50hz 110V/60hz
  • This machine is made of strong metal and high quality .
  • Roller is made of stainless steel. Lasting and durable.
  • Finally any time day or night  our customers can buy our gluing machine in our webstore.
  • Further most best value anywhere.
  • Finally  Right for you?: payment and sales management tools are right for any artist selling online and/or in-person.

    Its free online store feature is a great option for artists who want to sell up to 550 items.

    As a result finished items, mass-produced pieces, or digital download works on their website.

    Furthermore there is no  is a simpler solution than other online stores and lists items all on one page.

    That’s why we say it’s best for artists selling around 250 items or less.

    More than 50 per page can make your single page quite long.

    You can categorize and sort listings any way you wish,

    Consequently they all appear in rows on a single web page.

    Item listings do open in a pop-up page when clicked, so you can show plenty of item details.

    But you can create categories on different pages using online store.

    That said, what does,

    It does incredibly well.

    With your free online store, you can easily set up your site,

    Also add products, choose a website address,

    and start marketing, selling your art online within an afternoon.

    It’s mobile-friendly, too. is an especially good choice if you want to sell art both online

    and in-person in your gallery, at art shows or markets, and through other in-person means.

    All  payment options;

    Online, mobile, and in-store point-of-sale.

    Neatly tie your entire business together.

    Leaving you more time to create.

    List your website with confidence, let the world see you.