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dandy New

Screen Printing Metallic Silver Water based ink

Metallic Silver Water based ink 1Lt Screen printing ink that is easy to use, has...

Arcadia Solar Basking 75w Spotlight e27 fitting

Arcadia Solar Basking Spotlight e27 75w The lamp has an inviting warm colour and uses...

Oil painting on canvas. William-Adolphe Bougeureau

 Nymphs & Satyr Oil painting on canvas. Size:    frame: 48 x 36 inches, depth...
Diesel Fuel Injectors

Diesel Fuel Injectors New and Reconditioned

£640.00 £580.00
VOLVO  20440388 Injector Bosch 20440388  For Volvo Excavator Engine EC360 EC460,  12 Month Warranty  Common Rail Injector....
Bid Rare Paper Money

Bid Rare Paper Money marketplace worldwide

£230.00 £199.00

Ten Shilling Note Highly Collectable.Offset (misalignment)

10 TEN SHILLING Bank Note Signed JS Fforde Highly Collectable.  C51N 637780  1966. Very rare...

Rare sixpence 1948 Minting Error marketplace

George VI  Sixpence 1948 collectable Rare sixpence 1948 King George VI struck right facing, Very...

Sixpence 1966 world cup Very Rare 1999

 Lucky Sixpence coin 1966 Sixpence coin from 66 upside down 99 The sixpence is...
Crown Regent Milk Jug

Crown Regent Milk Jug 1930 Very Rare

£360.00 £260.00
VINTAGE CHINA CROWN REGENT 1930 Crown Regent Milk Jug blue/pink flower design. Our milk jug...
Screen Printing Kit

Screen Printing Kit A2 cheapest supplies uk

£240.00 £220.00
Screen Printing Kit 1 Colour A2  Water-based Kit Print your designs onto Textiles, Paper, Board,...
Screen Printing Kit

Screen Printing Kit 1 Colour A3 supplies uk.

£200.00 £195.00
Screen Printing Kit 1 Colour A3  Water-based Kit Print your designs onto Textiles, Paper, Board,...
Avoid Stencil Marking

Avoid Stencil Marking use sunlight stencils

£3.00 £2.50
Mylar Stencil Sheets Description A4 Mylar Stencil Sheets x 5 Sheets of thin transparent mylar...
screen printing ink cleaner

screen printing ink cleaner screen wash

£15.00 £12.00
High strength Screen Wash. The cheapest Ink cleaner from your favourite screen printing supplier in...
screen printing spatula

screen printing spatula Marketplace Worldwide

£9.00 £5.00
Large Plastic Silk Screen Printing Ink Spatulas Great all purpose Spatula, suitable for mixing all...


NatWest Pig Lady Hilary
Chinese vase
English Country Landscape
cropped psychic scaled 1 150x150 - Home

Hidden Treasure

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Original painting fine art prints. 
Paintings fine art prints. Buy art online
Pareidolia Acrylics on canvas
Original Artwork Meditation
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Diesel Services Online
Diesel Injectors Online
Diesel Injectors London and South East.
Reconditioned Diesel Pumps
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Diesel Services

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Aluminium Silk Screen 25X36
Screen Printing General Purpose Screenwash
Sunlight Stencil A3
Exposure unit 16x20
cropped LEONADO 150x150 - Home

sunlight stencils

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Victoria Mancer Artist
49C91771 802E 46E7 B16D CDAEC73C58C3 600x800 1 100x100 - Supplies screen printing 15 colour all inclusive set.
screen printing supplies birmingham
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